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I've had a couple of very busy days so the blog had to be put aside for a bit. Me and Chhaya are traveling. We are in Washington right in state, not DC. Chhaya flew, always stressful because I don't like leaving her out of my sight. But it went well and she is curled up sleeping by my feet now. It's raining where I'm at, I'm not in a super Christmas-y mood, the lack of snow contributes a bit to that I suspect. Last year I went skiing in a snowy and cold Girdwood for Christmas and this year I'm taking a trip.


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Mumintrollet on :

So she's now calmer when traveling by plane?
Maybe it will be easier taking her to sweden for a visit then?

Tatiana on :

I would have to fly from New York to fly her to Sweden.....not because that is my only route option but because I would want to cut down on the hours she has to be in a crate away from me in a dark and scary space (the airplane).
If it was possible to buy her a seat next to me I would. I think she is not in panic mode when flying but I'm guessing she doesn't like it too much, I'm sure it's scary plus I don't like it whatsoever because she is out of my sight, getting handled by strangers and I do not like that.
Never say never but taking Chhaya to Sweden would be nice.....but it's probably not going to happen. Too far.

Paul on :

Happy Holidays & Happy Travels!

Check ur email.

Tatiana on :

Happy Holidays to you and your family......!
I will check.

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