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Ich Liebe Bruno!

Ooooh Tatiana can't wait! Bruno will come out here soon!
Who is this Bruno? Another Sacha Baron Cohen character, like BORAT that Tatiana loves!
Bruno is a gay, flamboyant and from Austria - just fabulous!
Sacha Baron Cohen is funny, smart and hot. He should be with Tatiana, instead his wife Isla just squeezed out a baby. Bleh!
Tatiana thinks "Ich don't think so!" Sacha will come to his senses soon and go away with Tatiana, maybe on a vacation to India?!


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Alex on :

Hi T,

Interesting reading on what some girls will try in order to get more business. I remember one time I was at Saphires and one girl asked me if I would like either a lap dance or a massage. I thought offering that on the menu was a good idea and provided another boday contact option. Nice pic btw.


Tatiana on :

Hi Alex!
Lap dance or massage? That's fine. Tatiana knows that some girls at Sapphire offer way more than that.......

Homo(sapien) on :

This guys a TOTAL copy cat!!! I posed just like this years ago and posted my picks all over the Internet (except I was wearing a sombrero)! This Brüno is tryin to steal my fearce image!

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