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Christmas Party

We had the best Christmas party at work last night. ❤ There was a pretty tree and the yummiest food......Cricket made a delicious potato salad, Boss Lady made a scrumptious cheese dip and a girl I work with brought in a super tasty carrot cake from the Moose Is Loose. When I walked in and saw all the food I attacked it, I loooooveeeee food and sweets so eating in itself makes me happy. ❤

We had Christmas songs streaming out of the speakers and even live music. Here is Grady, local celebrity and notorious ladies man, on the guitar.

A violinist. How often do you see somebody playing the violin in a strip club? I think we should make this a weekly event. Come see naked girls and get some culture too. Almost like Carnegie Hall. I should have a weekly book reading circle at work too! Oh.....the ideas I have.....!

Then we took a bunch of pics, acted goofy and laughed a lot. Jeremy went on stage and took everything off but his socks in less than 30 seconds. He loves getting naked for us and showing off his dingdingdong, you don't have to ask him twice about it. But I don't have any pictures of a naked Jeremy to share here. I have blurred out some faces in the pics out of respect for people's privacy. I got a few kisses from Boss Lady last night, she don't need a mistletoe she said. We had a gift exchange and got Christmas bonuses $$$ for being such good little workers.

Boss Lady is trying to lift up my skirt.

Me and my Sharon.

Seriously, SO much fun last night! I am happy to say that we all get along great despite our differences and issues that sometimes arise.
I am a nice and naughty Santa. Of course!


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Annette on :

You look like you are having fun :-) I love to see your smile. I always get hungry when you post food!!!!

Tatiana on :

I get hungry.....or should I say in the mood for eating more when I see that cake!

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