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Went Away

I went away for a day but now I'm back home. I got up at 5 am yesterday to drive to Anchorage, had a facial booked at 10 and thought I needed plenty of time to get there.
Which I did. The road from here to Anchorage is dark (when there is no sun), majority of it has no lights whatsoever and yesterday long stretches of it were completely engulfed in a thick fog plus it was icy. Not a fun drive. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing Russian roulette when driving that stretch, about 140 miles. You have to constantly watch out for moose also. I was gone all day and did not get home until midnight. I think I got most of my Christmas shopping taken care of, most of it.....I still have a few more ideas. Chhaya was not amused at all, she came with me of course. Driving to Anchorage with me so I can do boring stuff like errands is not high on Chhaya's fun list. But she survived the torture and was very happy when we got back home.
The facial was wonderful, 1 hour and 45 minutes of bliss, except during the extractions that is. Anastassia opened up a salon inside Captain Cook so that's where I had the facial.
She used some new products on me this time that some Russian woman in Portland makes, all natural stuff. Like papaya, crushed amber and lots of vitamin C. I can feel that the vitamin C worked because my skin is a bit dry today, the old skin will come off and reveal new skin. Anastassia wondered if I want to do another green peel, I think I had one done like two years ago or so, maybe it's been longer? I might do another green peel, or not. The last one hurt a lot. And then you shed all the skin on your face like a snake. Supposedly the green peel has a new formula now that is better and doesn't hurt, supposedly only stings a little. I know Anastassia is very schooled on everything regarding facials and products, she never pushes products or treatments like many other beauticians do (I find that annoying). I will think about the green peel, not committing to anything yet.

I had the avocado melt at Middle Way Cafe. This is probably my favorite sandwich ever, soooooo tasty. My mouth waters when I think about it. And the carrot cake with walnuts is absolutely delicious too. When I lived in Anchorage I used to go to Middle Way Cafe a lot.

I found a pair running shoes at REI for a great price plus I love that they are purple with bright orange laces. CUTE!

Saw these books at Barnes & Noble, I love faerie tales plus I love that mushroom.

One of the Christmas gifts I remember the most from growing up is when I got a doll house.
I think I was eight or nine years old, I was so happy when I saw the package all wrapped up by the tree because I knew it was a dollhouse from the size of the package. I saw this doll house yesterday made by a Swedish company.....the Lundby Smaland dollhouse. Although in Sweden we say Småland, it's a province and I lived there for a few years, in a town called Växjö. This dollhouse and all the furniture you can buy for it is the cutest! That would had been my Christmas gift wish for myself if I had been a little girl right now.

Today I had a latte at Coffee Roaster with my friend Jim that also took this pic. Thank You Jim!

And this is today's selfie.

I took Chhaya out for a frosty walk earlier.

And now I'm feeling tired, I kind of want to go to sleep and it's not even 6 30. Or get ice cream and stay in all night and read a book. I am re reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, I'm savoring every word - it is SO good!


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