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I had a vision of holding a cluster of colorful balloons floating above me in my Christmas pic this year. Well, it did not pan out. I went and got balloons a few weeks ago and headed to Arc lake to take some pics. First of all, I guess the balloons were "helium quality" something I did not pay attention to whatsoever. I thought they were just regular balloons, I can't recall last time I bought balloons if I ever bought them. So the balloons just flopped around in the wind and laid on the ground and I also got to the lake too late and it was getting dark, meaning the light was bad. I took some pics but were not too happy with the results.
I went back to the store and got, from my understanding regular balloons that would float by just blowing them up with air. I was supposed to go back to Arc lake today and re take the pics. I set my alarm and got up around 11, started blowing up the balloons and noticed that the new ones did not float either. I don't get it, as a kid in Sweden we would blow up balloons by blowing into them and they would float. I never used helium and don't know where to even get helium, although we do have a helium tank at work that looks like a bomb from World War II.
So no balloon pics for me. Maybe next year? I will use one of the pics I took a few weeks ago at Arc lake as my annual Christmas pic although I am not happy with them. But I don't have the energy or the time to figure out something else. Bleh. Disappointing. Oh well......
Tonight I am doing the trivia at Odie's again, I'm excited!


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B on :

Hey you,
I just read Ferguson. Very nice. You are a master at political discourse. I want to switch parties and vote for you! Maybe even start a war!
You could make a living writing speeches. It would just be a shame to have you behind the scenes - as you are one that will change - and lead - the path of history. I do enjoy being witness.

Tatiana on :

Yes.....I am in the process of putting together Obama's next speech live from the White House.
You can vote for the Tatiana party in the next election, 2016.
I am still not clear on what my political agenda will be all about. Something like lattes for everybody, be kind to the animals and less work more fun.

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