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So Saturday night while I was on stage, Madison (a girl I work with) stared at me longer than usual and said that if I had some wings I could be one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. sweet! Me and Madison used to not get along a few years ago, well I wouldn't go as far as saying not get along but we were just not talking, our status was frosty. Now we talk, she is cool and funny and we usually joke around a lot with each other. About all kinds of raunchy things. Another time she told me that even if she has a bad day she knows that if she comes into work and I'm there it will make her feel happy. That makes me happy to hear! This past Saturday's line up......

So I've got many angel references lately. Last week a group of people decided that I was an angel and a few months ago while I was at Whole Foods in Omaha minding my own business a lady came up to me and called me a "Scandinavian angel". And then she said a few other things about my aura (that she claimed she could read) and some other really nice compliments. I don't know why I'm looking so angelic lately? I thought people had forgot about the Barbie until last night when somebody said I am like Barbie. Cricket decided that this years Christmas present is Angry Barbie (aka me). What else happened at work? It's been rather fun lately, nice people mostly and lots of laughing. But two different guys were somewhat confused about the whole strip club thing. One was disappointed because he thought maybe I would consider seeing him after work or go on some sort of a date with him even after I clearly explained to him that NO, I don't do that and I never lie (like some dancers do) and say that I will. I'm always honest about that, I don't want to lead people on plus I don't even want to talk about dating or meeting somebody after I get off work. It's a STRIP CLUB, not a freaking dating site! So after spending $300-400 he asked if it was a complete waste of money and I said, well in a way it is. It all depends on how you look at it.
Some people spend thousands of dollars and understand it is all for fun, entertainment and nothing serious, others spend $100, feel entitled and think that it should come with a date or at least my phone number. NO. It doesn't. Not with me at least. Maybe try to go to a regular bar, buy a girl some drinks and see where it leads. Or sign up at PlentyOfFish or Tinder or however people meet each other nowadays, I don't know. He came in once after that and acted almost offended. Took out a $100 bill and waved it around in front of me, probably thinking that I was going to jump at him. I don't have time for that. Keep your money cause I don't need it and at this point don't want it actually. There is plenty of money to get from people that understand that they are in a strip club. Then some other drunk dumbass was in and wanted to DANCE like Usher style dancing out on the floor. He thought maybe he was in a regular club. Nobody wanted to dance with him. Lap dance for $ sure but not some disco dancing like he had in mind. So he started loudly complaining about that he had money to spend and that he was a customer and should get the service he wanted. Service that you want? Excuse me? That is not how it works. I have every right to refuse to talk to you if I don't want to. We are not some sex slaves, I am a rather spoiled dancer and I pretty much run my own show. I don't kiss ass, make any lame promises or give out my number to random people so they spend money, I don't need to do that.
Boss Lady finally got tired of him running his mouth and set him straight.
Anyhow.....tomorrow night is the real Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I try to watch it every year, I like the Victoria's Secret models. And most of my bras that I wear at work are from Victoria's Secret, like this one.


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