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Swine flu

So there is a new flu strain going around called the "Swine Flu". People have already died from it. Tatiana doesn't know what to think, there was a lot of talk about the "Bird Flu" a while back but it didn't seem so bad.
Granted, the flu has taken many lives in the past, like the "Spanish Flu" pandemic in 1918 - thought to have been responsible for about 50 - 100 million deaths. That's staggering!
Tatiana is going to up her hand washing routine as a measure of prevention. Maybe eat some raw garlic once a week. That will be popular with the guys getting dances, at least they will know that Tatiana is disease free but kind of stinky.
Tatiana is happy her routine doesn't involve taking money with her mouth or putting her dirty fingers in her mouth, gross. Tatiana likes it nice and clean.
Now go wash you hands, yes YOU!


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Mr.B on :

Nope, stinky is the people wearing skunk perfume on Sunday nite.

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