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Cupcake Personality

Yesterday I brought some cupcakes to work, red velvet and vanilla. A good cupcake is one of the yummiest things. Cricket (yes, that's her name) never had red velvet before so me and Boss Lady made her try one.

On the cupcake boxes I saw that you can take a cupcake personality test, so I did. I've taken a few online tests lately. Mandy made me do the 16 personalities test (
My personality? ESFJ. Then the other day I did a Jung Typology test on and a Chakra now I know everything I need about my inner self, my chakras and my strengths and weaknesses......Oh yeah my cupcake test results, I am a vanilla bean gourmet cupcake. "Golden and sweet with a smile. The kindest soul in town. You’re always looking out for others and helping others when you can. You also put your friends and family interests before your own which helps drive you forward and gives a feeling of accomplishment."
I think my cupcake test is spot on! You can do one too,


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Annette on :

I took the 16 personalities test. I was a ENFJ...thanks for sharing that , it was interesting and pretty accurate. I love cupcakes. I cannot watch that show Cupcake Wars without craving a cupcake... Yum :-)

Tatiana on :

Yes, I agree the 16 personalities is rather accurate.

mandy on :

Oh....I worked with a Cricket once. No one liked her, so one day me and two friends TP'd her house and I pooped on her porch. :/

Tatiana on :

You pooped on her porch? No way.....!!!?
You're lemon (cupcake, not poop).

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