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At The Office

I'm at the office, Coffee Roasters.....trying to muster up inspiration. It's kind of cold and grey out today. I need to dig out my thick winter jackets now, I don't want to but on today's walk with Chhaya I felt like it's about time I do that.
And now I'm sitting here trying to find inspiration to write about something interesting but nothing is popping up. I'm just staring out the window watching the cars drive by and some people moving around in the parking lot. There is only one other person in here besides me and the barista and he is kind of crazy I decided. I already listened to a few of his very loud conversations he had with people on the phone. Maybe I should leave before he goes completely postal. Actually I am leaving, I am going to try to find inspiration to get on the treadmill and do some squats at the gym.


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Annette on :

Today one of out patients looked like you.....she and I connected over our dogs :-) she has a red lab ( he was a beautiful red color). She showed me a video of him twitching his cute! When I have to draw blood on a patient I try to distract them with questions like "do you have any pets"?

Tatiana on :

When I have to draw blood (as a patient) I hyperventilate and try not to faint......
I had some bad experiences with needles and hospitals as a child, I'm sure that traumatized me.

Annette on :

I remember your blog on your experience in Vegas on getting your blood drawn. I usually help people get thru the's my speciality:-)

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