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If there was a stripper magazine that came out weekly or monthly THIS would be the headline and the pic on the cover.

Tatiana's shoes have to retire. Noooooo! The silver ones are beyond help, one of them just decided that it had enough last week. The pink pair are still hanging in there by the help of some staples in the right shoe. A few months ago the top just ripped in half but Tatiana refused to let them go so she stapled the shoe back together (can you spot the staples?).
The look is "modern" and "industrial", in case you wonder.....Funny fact is that the silver ones have been worn more than the pink ones but the silver ones broke down before the pink.
Silver and pink, just like the salmon here in Alaska. These shoes have lasted a long time, probably record time for any of Tatiana's work shoes. Now the silver ones are done but the pink still have a few more rounds in them Tatiana thinks. When Mandy saw Tatiana's shoes she was like, "WTF, ewwwww!!! Get rid of those immediately!" but it's not THAT bad Tatiana thinks. Yes, there are rhinestones missing but the shoes don't smell or anything.
Besides, Tatiana can think of other faux pas way grosser at work, like a dancer with BO or wearing the same outfit every night for three years, TRUE facts and THAT is GROSS!!!!
Lucky for Tatiana she has a pair of almost new shoes at home, not as many rhinestones, only on the heel and then she found a pair of pink glitter ones stowed away in a bin when packing a few weeks ago, old but still useable. Then of course Tatiana still have these beauties but she is saving them, for what she is not sure. Perhaps for a ball in the castle, Cinderella style.

OTHER news but not as important as Tatiana's broken platforms of course are......The Wild Alaskan "stripper boat" on Kodiak where Tatiana worked last July had it's liquor license revoked recently. Here is a link

I actually feel bad for Darren (the owner) in this matter, not sure I follow the ins and outs about obtaining a liquor license but it seems like it's a complicated process with many hurdles to overcome with rather rigid regulations. I'm sure he is extremely frustrated now, which is understandable since he has lots of time and money invested into this boat.
One more thing, I don't think that the girl on stage in the footage is a good representation of the "classy" that Darren so wanted to go with. I just had to say that. At least not what I picture when I think of a classy dancer. And yes, those DO exist! I almost had to hide behind a pillow when I watched that. Sorry if I'm offending anyone but that is my opinion.

Sapphire in Las Vegas, calling themselves the worlds largest strip club recently got sued by many of their dancers. Another club is getting sued. Goes to show you that you can boast to be the biggest and still get in trouble when not following the laws regarding how to treat the people you employ. I worked there and I was diligent and kept every receipt for the house fees that I paid....if I recall it was $80/night since I was on the evening/night shift. The club is open 24/7. I remember when Sapphire opened, I was pissed because I did not think that Vegas needed another strip club (I was working at Crazy Horse Too then) plus there was a gym at the location Sapphire is now standing. They tore down that gym to build the club and it was my gym AND the best gym I have ever been to, super nice, I mean suuuuper nice and since I was a dancer in Vegas I got to partake in all the luxuries of that gym for a small monthly fee. I loved that gym and they closed down to build Sapphire......sheeesh!
I guess I could partake in that lawsuit maybe? I have to ask my legal adviser Mandy that is way more well informed on those issues than I am, if I should even bother. And that my friends were the latest news in the strip club world......
Link to the Sapphire class action suit

RIP my pretty silver heels.....classic pic of them when they were almost new. Now they have retired.


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mandy on :

"Yes, there are rhinestones missing but the shoes don't smell or anything."
Maybe not to your nose Hahaha haha.

Darren is a tool and hopefully someone with half a brain can take that place over and run it much better. Potential is there. Sad the venture was partaken by a someone of questionable mental health. Lol

I got a letter from Treasures in Houston. I haven't signed on to any other suit, but I'm thinking I will for this one. They deserve it for being so shady.

P.S. Your shoes are nastay.

Tatiana on :

Hey! I know what stinky stripper shoes smell like and mine don't smell!
Yea yea, I have a few other pairs I can wear, at least I rotate my shoes and change my outfits......ooooookay?

my name is SHE-RA on :

i love to wearthem eventhough im not a stripper i love to walk the streets with them i have 100 pais and i love them all.

Tatiana on :

You don't have to be a stripper to enjoy wearing "stripper" shoes.

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