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Today when I went to Kaladi I found that somebody on their Angel Tree to give something to for Christmas. I have been doing that for a few years now. Yes, I'm that kind of highly annoying person that likes to brag to everybody about myself, not only am I kind to animals, I'm rather generous to random people too. Maybe one day I will grow up and stop bragging about my amazing self but probably not (I just have so much to brag about), until then feel free to feel extremely annoyed with me cause I couldn't care less. Are YOU doing something for others too? Good! Keep that up! And you can share that with me, I love listening to other people's good deeds. Remember, action speak louder than words.
Anyhow, last year I started noticing that there were more and more older people making wishes for gifts at the Angel Trees, I know this is for the Hope Community Resources here in Soldotna but still.....I went to both Kaladi locations to find a person (child) to give something to. The first location only had adults on the Angel Tree. With rather demanding wishes, stuff that I would wish for myself like clothes and gift certificates for spas and pedicures. You might as well ask for what you want, right? But today I found a five year old girl that would like toys, coloring books, a hat and gloves. Perfect! I will spoil her. So as a JOKE I made my own angel, I am tempted to hang it up in the Angel Tree at Kaladi just for fun. I told my friend Traci that works there.....she just shook her head like LOL. On MY wish list you will find Prada bag (preferably pink), spa visit, massage, high end stores (gift certificates) 7" heels by Pleaser (sparkly on a platform, size eight). I think this was hilarious! My angel wish that is. What if I would hang it up and get all of that? Actually, I am a giver. You know how they say some people are takers and other givers? I guess you could be a mix of both too, a giver and a taker. Of course I like to get stuff but giving makes me happy. So I'm glad I was able to find a
5 year old girl to give something to. I'm excited over that.

I watched a documentary on Netflix this evening called Neurons to Nirvana, it was good. Basically talked about psychedelics, stuff that I am interested in and that I'm looking forward to indulge some more into. To me drugs are tools for getting to know myself and the world better, to feel something MORE, not to get "fucked up" or escape something that I don't want to deal with. Therefore I'm not into street drugs, I like psychedelics.
But now I think I will call it a night. Monday tomorrow, December first. One month left of 2014. I have some ambitious plans next week, let's see if I will stick to them or just be lazy......right now lazy sounds good.


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