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I don't even know if I have the energy to dip my toes into the mess that is the shooting in Ferguson. From day one I believed that the police officer, Wilson acted in self defense. I never bought into that Brown was the gentle giant that he was portrayed as from many media outlets. Perhaps a gentle giant at home but certainly not out in public. Just look how he acts on that surveillance tape when he threatens the store owner after taking those cigarillos, so he could roll his daily blunts......gentle giant my ass. A good for nothing bully, that is how I look at him.
I am glad the officer got off. I applaud it. I don't want gentle giants like that out and about to disturb my safety and peace. I also think that "Reverend" Al Sharpton is a joke, he is a racist and to me he preaches separation and anger. Can anyone just become a Reverend? Is he really a Reverend, did he get a degree in theology or did he just start calling himself a Reverend one day because he has a way with words and likes to talk? Maybe I should become a Reverend then, I have lots to say and I am certainly not scared to speak my mind. Yes, I am very aware of that Sharpton supposedly preached his first sermon at four years of age. To me that is ridiculous. Throw any kid up on a soapbox, let them speak their mind and then you can call whatever they said a "sermon" or the voice of God. That Obama is even considering hobnobbing with Sharpton and uses him as a White House adviser is baffling. No. I am sure Sharpton has done good for others, I like his views on gays, same sex marriage and animal rights but overall I think he is poisonous. But as we all know, it's totally OK for blacks in this country (USA) to be racist. When a white person says or does anything against a black person there is a public uproar, million man marches and all kinds of drama. It's like a comedy show. Jerry Springer for the masses.
Of course there are bad and corrupt cops. I don't doubt that at all and they should be weeded out and dealt with accordingly. But in this case the officer acted in self defense.
And that is my opinion. Did I go out and burn down the local Walmart to prove my point? No.
As far as the rioting and looting? I say throw everybody that participated in a labor camp Siberian style for about a year and give them crusty bread and water only. Then they will think twice about destroying other people's and public property again. They will regret burning down restaurants and dream of eating that slice of pizza when starving and freezing in the labor camp. The rioting and looting done in Ferguson and other places fueled by the incident in Ferguson is proof of people's low intelligence, thirst for blood and justice that is not right. Mob mentality. Any excuse to go out and act crazy. No education, low intelligence and embarrassing behavior. Lock them up like I said. I have no sympathy for that shit. Burning down buildings and vehicles, acting violent, putting a bounty on Wilson? Who does that? If a white mob would had put a bounty on a black officers head, Sharpton would had organized a million man march the very next day.
I am very curious to know what would had happened if Channon Gail Christian and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr would had been black and tortured and murdered by a group of white people. I can guarantee it would had been first page national news for months.
Have you heard about them? What happened to them is sickening. A complete nightmare.
I am 100% certain that they got murdered and tortured only for being white by a gang of black racists, they should had all gotten the death penalty. No need to keep scum like that alive.
And NO......I DO NOT CARE what happened in this country 200 years ago or whenever it was when whites had slaves. I don't care. That is done and over with. Just like many other, MANY other horrific acts in history, past and present. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the concentration camps (things that some people are actually still alive to talk about), ISIS etc. There are still black slaves in Africa. There you go. Fix that Al Sharpton. Why don't you go and try to talk some sense into Boko Haram, maybe preach them a sermon and see what happens.
Here is what another black Reverend has to say about Ferguson. He gets it.

Pic from today's walk.....a universal language that most people understand.


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Annette on :

I am thankful you speak your mind.

Tatiana on :

Thanks Annette.....
Feel free to argue your own point if view at anytime.

Mumintrollet on :

Spot on.

The "social justice" movement lives off of these fabricated race conflics , so they will never stop until their racket is exposed and stopped.

I think a lot of people who voted for Obama did that because they thought he would solve this.
But why would they solve a problem that is their only source of power?
Instead they're working hard to increase conflict.

It also works as a distraction from the fact that Obama hasn't improved the lives of blacks and his amnesty execuitve order worsen it even more by bringing in more workers.

Tatiana on :

Even blacks are turning against Obama now, his disapproval ratings are increasing. In 2008 people thought that perhaps the change he was promising was going to materialize. I do find him charismatic and handsome but that is far from enough. But I should not discuss politics too much because I am not that read up on it.
Yes, all the events that draw huge media coverage are great for the White House since they provide major distractions.
I do not feel bad whatsoever for Brown that first bullied a shop owner and then wrestled with a cop and tried to take his gun.....what do you think will happen if you try to take a cops gun? Newsflash, you will get shot! On the other hand, something that made me VERY sad and upset are the beheadings of journalists and aid workers by ISIS.
Or this (old news but STILL relevant)!!!

"On June 2 (2004), five Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aid workers were brutally murdered in Baghdis, Northern Afghanistan. As Hélèn de Beir, a Belgian project coordinator, Egil Tynaes, a Norwegian medical doctor, Pim Kwint, a Dutch logistician, Besmillah, an Afghan driver, and Fasil Ahmed, an Afghan translator, were driving back from their project site after a hard day's work, their clearly marked vehicle was ambushed and stopped. The occupants were then shot at close range, and all were killed. A spokesman for the Taliban later claimed responsibility for the assassination, stating that MSF was carrying out the policies of the US government, and warned that MSF would remain a target for future attacks.
At MSF, we are deeply shocked by the callous murders of our colleagues, killed as they were striving to help others. With their families, we mourn their enormous and painful loss. But our distress and grief are compounded by a sense of outrage. Such killings do not just affect one family or one organization. Instead they diminish us all. They attack the very fundamentals of our shared humanity."

There are people out there actively trying to do GOOD in the world, THAT should be acknowledged. Instead half of America have been busy with some wanna be thug like Brown. Focus on what matters, on people that actually DO something, instead of shlep around on the streets and smoke weed everyday.

Annette on :

Most of the time I agree with you 100% and especially on this issue. I was angry with the protesters here because they were mostly white liberal university of mn students that just wanted a cause.....Their highly educated minds would be better put to use by helping to bring better education to poor young black boys and girls and developing good jobs for their parents. Help change the deadend cycle a lot of poor black youth are raised in. I worked in a clinic that saw mostly poor patients and what I saw was they just assumed what they were raised in was their destiny.

mandy on :

They were "protesting" here, by walking in the middle of the street. Lol...and I thought, who were they going to call if someone hit them with their car? And what exactly were they trying to accomplish? I don't think they even know. The cops aren't only being shitty to black people, they are shitty to everyone. I've had my car searched, had my wrist nearly broke, and screamed at with my niece in the car, etc etc etc. If someone feels violated by a cop, they can file a formal complaint. The one that nearly broke my wrist was last seen working airport security. Also, it's the whole justice system that is a mess. Best you can do is know your rights, but realize that you may end up going to jail. Memorize phone numbers. Never sign anything, no matter how much someone of authority threatens you or tries to tell you it's in your best interest. Because at the end of the day, you can still choose to have a jury of people decide on whether you are guilty or not.

Also, I find it real strange that this police officer said he had been hit more than ten times by a out of control psycho twice his size, yet he didn't have a mark on him. The last I recall, there was no gun powder residue on Browns clothing. Or even burns from a close contact gun shot. And the only person who can tell their side of the story is dead. Willingness to shoot someone here, and how everyone celebrates it is fucking scary. And THE ONLY person who is saying what happen is the man accused. Surely he would lie to benefit himself. I also don't think someone stealing cigars warrants being shot and their body left to sit in the street for hours. And like I said, I don't think a lot of police bullshit is based solely on race. I do think they now won't think twice shooting someone dead and then making a story up that suits them.

Tatiana on :

Hmmmm......I don't think got shot because he stole some cigars (cigarillos), from my understanding Brown got shot because he got involved in a physical fight with the officer.
There were witnesses (60 or so). I have not read their statements so I don't know what was said. But I guess enough was said that 12 people on the jury decided that the officer acted accordingly.
IF I was a cop and I felt like somebody tried to take my weapon from me, I would shoot would be a me or them situation. I for sure wouldn't wait for somebody to take my gun from me and use it on me.
IF somebody right now tried to attack me I would defend myself tp the best of my ability.
Yes, there are bad cops. And when they are bad it is sickening because it's their duty to protect and serve. But I think they also take a lot of shit. And I don't buy that Brown was a gentle giant, this is another Trayvon Martin story.
Justice is not always served. Innocent people get picked on and even jailed.
I've been pulled over etc too and one cop I encountered acted like a loose cannon I thought. So I went to the station and asked to speak to the supervisor and I have not seen that cop since. All the others I encountered have been OK, some even friendly and nice. A lot can an be accomplished with a smile. That is what I do when I get pulled over....I smile.

Jeff on :

Hey Tatiana,

I am from St. Louis, and believe me, I have "had it up to here" with all of this nonsense! The only people being "racist" are the ones rioting and protesting! They think they are helping their cause, but if anything, they are just CREATING more racism on both sides! It is the stupidest thing I have ever seen! I don't see how people who were not there, and have seen ZERO evidence, can think they know better than the grand jury what happened! I think I will come to Alaska with you and Chhaya so I can be around some reasonable people!

Tatiana on :

How destroying stores and other people's property is going to help anything I don't know. I'm sure majority of the store owners worked hard to be able to open up their place and even if they do have insurance it doesn't cover 100% of the loss they are now faced with, not to mention hours invested and the emotional toll from all of this mess.
What did Brown's "stepfather" aka dude living with his Mom while Brown lived with his grandma, shout when the verdict came out? "Burn this bitch down", real classy.
Alaska? There are plenty of nutcases living here

mandy on :

Well I read some of their statements. And not only do the majority conflict with what the officer said, a lot of them agreed on some pretty disturbing things. The officer already knew they were the robbery suspects when he rolled up. So saying he spoke to them just to tell them to get out of the street is a lie. How do we know that they weren't just crossing the street to get to their destination?
Did Brown reach into the SUV, or was he pulled in by his shirt? I think he struggled with the officer to get away...seeing there are ZERO marks on the cop. Then he shot Mike. He also said that glass shattered. But yet, he has his window rolled all the way down? I think Mike then ran, and the officer got out of the car and fired at his back, missing. Mike turned around, put his hands up (which was a huge majority on the witness testimony) and the officer continued to fire. The diagram of his wounds also shows that. When Mike fell down to his knees, that's when a shot to the top of his head would of made sense. The fact that you based your opinion off what the officer said is dissapointing. How people are so comfortable and so agreeable with the testimony of the officer who committed the crime, I find that terrifying and disturbing. Did you know that he was allowed to drive his vehicle away, wash his hands, and bag is own evidence? Wtf?! And surprise, now he has resigned, and will receive no severance package. Was Mike Brown a little shit? Probably. Was I a little shit when I was in my teens? You betcha. Does that mean I deserve to be shot dead with my body laying in the street for ten hours with a trail of blood leading from my head while everyone takes pictures? And the officer gets to just drive away and clean up?! I really hope not. This is the usa, and regardless of what stories people tell, everyone deserves a trial. Also, if people think these riots have anything to do with this, they are wrong. Those people rioting were just looking for an excuse to commit their own crimes. Why are they so angry? What are they so angry about? Why is everyone so quick to anger these days? And that is the problem, what all of this boils down to. Anger. Also, to compare this to any other crime is absurd. They are completely different, and to blame people for the medias obsessions doesn't make sense.

Tatiana on :

You bring up a lot of great points. Maybe it really happened that way (how you think it happened) or not. BUT if all that you say in fact is true then I think Wilson would had been indicted. For sure. But he wasn't, according to my understanding because of evidence and testimonies.
I did not know about the washing of the hands, if that is true then that is tampering with evidence and absolutely wrong.
I am not a criminology student (anymore, I was at some point) and have not looked into the hundreds if not thousands of details regarding this case. I don't have the energy.
Why people are angry? I don't know. I can't relate to that since I am not angry like that. Maybe they are eating too much shitty McDonald's type food full of hormones and other bad added ingredients, eating too much meat, drinking too much soda and medicate themselves with pills and and booze. That makes for an unhealthy body = unhealthy mind.
I highly doubt you were going into stores and threatening store owners with violence when/if you got caught shoplifting as a teen. If anything, teens shoplift (some do....I did) but don't threaten violence when caught. There is a difference between being "a little shit" and a scary bully, or a thug in training.
It's also interesting that some of this "anger" got fueled by Browns stepfather telling people to "burn this bitch down".
I heard the tape today. Some feel he should be on the stand for inciting a riot, I feel inclined to agree. I also heard and read today some very interesting statements by Louis Farrakkhan, the leader of Nation of Islam in the USA. Another great example of a person spreading hate, anger and dividing people. That is some complete bullshit. There are actually people out there that agree with that guy? THAT if anything is scary to me, that Farrakhan stands on a soapbox freely and proudly spreading his hate around.
Maybe people need to sit down in large group settings and all get a dose of some pure MDMA, I bet a lot would be accomplished by that. Or go to Burning Man or something.

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