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Tatianas intimates

Intimates, another word for underwear.........
This evening Tatiana had a photo shoot, wearing just her intimates. And tomorrow there's another photo shoot, requiring a make up application at the MAC counter. Hopefully they will do a good job. Tatiana can do her own make up but whatever.
Tatiana is gathering material, meaning photos, for a project she has in mind. Yes, you will know about this project when it is ready, don't worry!
So what kind of intimates does Tatiana like? Lately she has been favoring Hanky Panty and Honey Dew panties, very cute. Very feminine, soft, you know.
But Tatiana also loooooves latex, Torture Garden style, YUM. Torture Garden is a fetish club in London, very very cool stuff! Check it out! If you dare......
Good rave outfit

Earlier today Tatiana had a pedicure. It was time to change nail polish. No more platinum grey, now it's PINK, what else?

Tatiana is also exited that "Daisy Of Love" started at VH1 today, Tatiana danced with Daisy at Shotgun Willies in Denver, now Daisy has her own show, she is supercute. Yeay! There were three Swedish guys on her show, triplets - really cute too! They are called "Snake Of Eden", a glam rock band. They are the next big thing Tatiana thinks.


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