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Sunday today......that's when I do errands. Like get food, fill up the truck with gas, a visit to PetCo and stuff like that. Got two new pairs of boots today as well. Kamik and Sorel.
Cold weather kind of gear, the Kamik's supposedly keep your feet warm even in -20 F or so cold.

A lot of times I think the selection in the children's section is way cuter than what they have for adults. So I ask to try on the shoes/boots intended for kids and many times they fit. So the Sorel's (the black boots) are a kid size 6. Otherwise I wear size 8 or 9 depending on the make/model shoe or boot. Like all my shoes for work are size 8.
Speaking of work are the FANTASIA 2010-R from Pleaser. Pretty nice I think. Yes? Do I need them?

It's not even 6 pm here and completely dark outside, I'm tired and could probably fall sleep now. Four moths ago it was light until midnight-ish and I would walk Chhaya or go jogging late. Now I'm thinking I need to open up that bottle of vitamins from Floradix that I got a while back. And see if I get lots of energy all of a sudden......because I need it.


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