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I have been feeling crabby since yesterday. On edge. My excuse is, I am on my period OK? I did go to work last night and not even Sharon could cheer me up, well I did laugh a few times but overall I was just not in the best mood. I did not do a single lap dance (I did not even try) but I did OK on stage so it was definitely worth my time. Today I went to the gym for the third time this week, that is very ambitious for me.....I haven't done that in a while. I decided that I need to work on my arms a bit, they look a bit "flabby".....well, to me at least. Actually they look more like long sticks but I want some more definition in them. Or something like that.
At the gym there were a few grunting guys in cutoff shirts (barf), I got annoyed with their loud grunts since I am having a crabby kind of day. Like, make those sounds at home.
They sounded like they were about to give birth or like they were trying to squeeze out a stubborn turd and then they loudly threw the weights around too, I glared at them. My plan was to take a few fun gym pics for today's blog entry but everywhere I went to get some privacy to take some pics some annoying guy had to appear at. Really now? Go grunt in your own corner. Argggghhhhhhh........I was so annoyed, so no gym pics.
After the gym I got some spicy Mexican food and now I am at home, belly full of good food and I'm sipping on some tea, feeling better actually.
I also looked at shoes today.....WOW, Pleaser has some very nice boots on their site, FANTASIA-2010R. I am very tempted to get them.......


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