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I am living out of bins - until further notice. My clothes are back in the closet, well kind of, most of it is packed up in bins. In one of the rooms downstairs I have everything else in bins. Paperwork, books, magazines, toiletries, dishes, camping stuff, all my decorations, everything I do not need or use now is stowed away. STUFF, so much of it! I drove up to Alaska combined with 3 1/2 days on a boat through the inside passage in my 4Runner, all my stuff that I thought I needed on the trip was in that car. The rest stayed in Vegas. Plus I had Chhaya and another person with me on that journey. There is NO way I could cram everything I have accumulated since then in a car. Unless it's a very large vehicle.
Anyhow.....I went through a lot of STUFF the last few days. Took some of it to work last weekend and gave it away, some I am going to put in those clothing containers that are around town, some of it ended up in the garbage.....etc. I have been busy with bins all week. Made mental notes of what I do not need more of, which is pretty much everything. For now that is......And my closet looked really nice before I packed everything away too. But it's OK.....whether I stay here or go somewhere else I am going to have a nice closet again, soon.

It's tea time now. I'm tired and I need to wash my hair.


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mandy on :

I dig those cups.

Tatiana on :

My two latest cups, I got them in Sweden at a store called Indiskan.
No more cups/plates etc for me.....I have enough to last me for the rest of my life.

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