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Spearmint Rhino Carter Lake

So when I was in Omaha Nebraska last month with Mandy, we actually worked in Iowa, in a town called Carter Lake at the Spearmint Rhino. Carter Lake is right by Omaha. She had worked there before so that's where we went after we decided that we did not want to stay in Winner South Dakota.
The Rhino looks just like any other of the Rhino clubs, same decor and carpet basically. Although when most girls (dancers) talk about the Spearmint Rhino most of them think about the Vegas location, employs tons of girls on any given night and open 24/7.
Since every state and town is different, there will be different rules regarding outfits, hours you work, house fees, tip outs etc. At the Carter Lake location you pay a set house fee depending on what day and time you come in plus $5 out of each dance that you do.
Dances are $25 and then there are some "VIP room" options as well with different prices.
I just did the $25 dances. Then you are expected to tip the manager, dj and the bouncer that walks you to the car. Everybody wants money.

There were nightly drink and beer specials and a separate BYOB room with a stage but I was not paying attention to much regarding the specials. The "2 girl shows" that you can see by the Saturday night specials is nothing too pronounced. Random girls would basically do pretend shows with each other on a nightly basis, nothing too crazy. More like close hugging, caressing and doing the 69 with their hair hanging over their faces covering up whatever wasn't going on anyways. I personally think those "shows" are tired and totally played out. Maybe back in the day it was interesting but now its more like embarrassing to watch.
Plus nobody cares anyways, so it's like a waste of energy. Do I do these "shows"? No.

You also have to cover up your nipples with something. There was tape provided in the dressing room or you could use latex or puffy paint. I went to Michaels and got pink puffy paint and silver glitter. I'm not a fan of putting anything on my nipples. It's messy and toxic. Plus it's a boob. Men have nipples too and they can parade around the streets and at beaches/pools without a shirt on and that is NOT considered to be a problem or indecent at all but a woman's breast is all of a sudden this thing that has to stay hidden and covered up.
I don't get it. Plus some guys have bigger boobs than me anyways. Cover those babies up dude!

I thought the club was nice and clean. They would clean the stage several times/night and I like that. The lap dances were done in a lap dance area, in little semi private rooms. This is a topless only club. I didn't see anything too crazy going on but then again you can't really see what the other girls are doing during the dances since you are busy dancing yourself.
The touching is a bit too much for my taste but you just tell the guys your boundaries and they listen. If they whine and complain then I won't dance for them, simple.....problem solved and NEXT!
You have to participate in lap dance specials that they would do several times/night.
Basically all the girls have to squeeze together on stage and walk around in a circle and then you have to give a 2 for 1 dance. They keep the songs rather short for that. Kind of lame and makes you feel like you are a slave being auctioned off at some market but most of the time you would get a dance or a few out of it. Some guys would sit there and wait for the 2 for 1, of course.
The lights on the stages are AWFUL. Just awful. Somebody needs to sit down and work on that issue. I think I'd rather dance in daylight than to the lights they have in that club. What is up with clubs not understanding how important the lighting is in a strip club? It's crucial. Seriously.
It is also very cold in the club. I renamed the lap dance area "the icebox" - freezing.
The dj's played outdated and just cringeworthy music. I told them what music I liked and one of them looked at me and told me that they cater to "50 year old white men". OK. And then they would play me some bad R&B and shit like that. I think 50 year old white men much rather hear some ZZ Top or old rock (me too) than some bad R&B. Plus I do not want to hear R&B when I'm on stage, or Pony by Ginuwine (really now, what do I look like, Channing Tatum?), or any Michael Jackson. They also played Vanilla Ice and outdated new jack swing. BARF!!!! I mean.....come on now!. The dj's need some serious assistance in that club.
The dressing room is large and there is a tanning bed for the girls to use free of charge if they wish. Hmmmmm.......what else. Everybody was nice and the girls were OK. Some not so cute but there were a few really pretty ones that stood out. There is a kitchen so you can order food, I can recommend the fries, Mandy really likes those fries. Overall I though it was an OK club.
They also have this information hanging in the dressing room. I remember a few months ago (like April or May) some person/s started commenting in my blog and wanting to discuss random stuff regarding prostitution. I am not worried about prostitution since that is something I would never consider but what I was saying is that I recall girls getting in trouble sometimes in Vegas for even sitting on peoples laps when VICE would be in the club. So girls would just avoid doing lap dances until VICE left (if it was clear that they were in the club) to avoid getting in trouble. Maybe this will clarify some stuff to that besserwisser that was arguing with me regarding the ins and outs of prostitution and the law. Like I said, since I have no plans of prostituting myself those laws are not concerning me too much. But as you can see, you can get in some serious trouble even for even saying the "wrong" thing. Good that I don't say those things. I like to talk about other fun stuff like politics and pinworms, I hope those topics are considered "safe".


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mandy on :

Mmmmm those fries. Man, the music...the stage...I think the secret is to get a dance right before you are suppose to go on stage so they skip you. It would almost be worth paying the $5 out of pocket. Do your very own two for one. That stage isn't good advertising to anyone that's for sure.

Tatiana on :

Oh yeah.....almost worth it, if not completely worth it.
I love going on stage and getting lit up by harsh LED lights so I look like a pasty white dough ball! SEKSI!

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