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Hello Kitty & Red Goat

Look at my new Hello Kitty blanket that I got as a gift! Thank You, I appreciate it a lot! Me and Chhaya are going to cuddle underneath it.

This year Hello Kitty celebrated her 40th anniversary, she was created in 1974 to inspire happiness, friendship and sharing across the world. How cute isn't that? Or KAWAII like they say in Japan where there is a huge KAWAII culture. I love Hello Kitty and I need to go to Japan, actually my brother is there right now. I am sooooo jealous!

Today at Kaladi they gave me a red goat sticker, kind of like when I was a kid going to the dentist in Sweden, after the visit you got to dig through a box of stickers and pick out one as a reward for being so brave. The red goat is the Kaladi symbol.

I don't know if it's the weather or me running on empty emotionally (I had an emotional week) but I feel drained. I am going to walk Chhaya and clean up in the kitchen, then I am crawling into bed early with my new blankie over me.


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Mumintrollet on :

What do you think about he feminist outrage over space scientist Matt Taylor and his shirt?
He that landed a space probe on a comet.

Tatiana on :

Hmmmm......I had not followed that story so I had to look it up. Well, I don't think it was the wisest choice to appear in a somewhat tacky shirt like that for such an important event. But whatever. That just showcases where his head is at. Or maybe that is his style, the shirt was in fact designed by a woman friend of his. It doesn't make me feel offended whatsoever personally, I was not the one wearing the shirt. I wonder what the reaction would had been if he had worn a shirt with a bunch of Tom of Finland style men on it. Or if a woman showed up to a similar event wearing a shirt with erect penises on it.
I personally love beautiful women in lingerie, that does not make me less of a feminist. I appreciate female beauty, I am not a bit threatened by it. Hence I had some heated discussions on some feminist blogs in Sweden about similar topics. They don't think I can consider myself to be a feminist because of what I do for a loving. But they do not KNOW me in real life either. And they have probably never set their foot in a strip club.
I think that there are way more urgent and important issues to tackle for feminists and people in general than some rather innocent shirt a guy chose to wear. Like FGM or how women are treated in some countries. No rights etc.
Hey, by the you read

Mumintrollet on :

Why do you compare his shirt with something with erect penises on?
The women arent nude, and they have guns.
Think sci-fi Lara Croft.
He also got a tatto with the comet lander on his leg.

Did you read this article:

Yes I read avpixlat , you need all these alternative sources when the mainstream media collectively embargos news they dont want people to know about. It's an orwellian world.

Tatiana on :

Why? Why not. Perhaps not the best comparison. But whatever.
I don't care about his shirt, it doesn't bother me.
I did read the article.......thanks.
I find avpixlat interesting myself.

Mumintrollet on :


"Real Genius: Feminism Leaves Science in the Dirt"

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