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Sharon's Birthday

Last Friday we celebrated Sharon's birthday at work. I love my Sharon. I have so much fun with her. She is cute (prettiest pair of boobies I have ever seen and her butt is pretty amazing too), funny, loves animals, shares my sense of humor......I mean when we start talking (actually more like yelling) about praire doggin', smegma, cottage cheese, tapioca and omelettes (yummy baby)....I can't stop laughing. I know I will have a fun night at work when Sharon is there. We don't care who gets grossed by the colorful content of our loud banter.
I stopped caring about that a long time ago. I rather be a funny person in general, being MYSELF, at work and in private than one of those dancers that will stroke a guys ego by a bunch of mumbo jumbo that's not even true. If you want that when you visit the club I am certainly not the girl for you......and I couldn't care less. I don't have to care. And Sharon has that personality too and I love that about her. It's called being REAL. The only thing that changes is the outfit.....nothing else.
We had cupcakes for Sharon, she was taking so long getting ready that I could barely pace myself. I just wanted to stuff my face with cupcakes. Which I eventually did.

And pics of me and Sharon.....doing what we do, having FUN. ❤


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Annette on :

;-) Thank you from me and Jax..WOOF!!! He was so excited when he saw the package.....sniffing the box. And it made me smile after many long days of working late. The sweets for me will help my winter blues yum yum xoxo.
I have fun at work too...if it wasn't for my coworkers I would move back home. Since we work with semen you can only imagine the crazy things we say:-)

Tatiana on :

I hope you'll like it!
Oh.....I can only IMAGINE, LOL!!!

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