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Get together

Another beautiful day today, perfect for pink flip flops! Tatiana loves pink and HELLO KITTY.......amongst other things.
Today we had another get together, Tatiana, Kennedy, Ireland , Natasha and Autumn. We went to Cafe Croissant for lunch and coffee with lots of cream.
It's always fun and we usually laugh a lot and discuss different things, everyone sharing a piece of their mind.

Today we talked about the hiring of "not so attractive" girls at the club. Tatiana does not think that a stripclub club should hire everything that shuffles in with a g string and a pair of heels, ready to get naked. She thinks that there are five girls or so that are not so attractive at the club, that shouldn't be there. Or go to a different club. Is that mean?
But at the same time. What's attractive? Like we say in Sweden........"Smaken ar som baken - delad". The best translation to that is, "taste is like the butt - divided". It makes perfect sense to us Swedes. We say it all the time.
Kennedy does not agree with Tatiana on this, she thinks that we should have compassion and let anyone dance. Tatiana fully believes in compassion too, that's why she has been driving around town, looking for that bum that needed gloves, she has the gloves but the bum is nowhere to be found.
Tatiana thinks that there should be some standard though. We all have different views of what we find attractive. Some like thin, harbodied girls, some like more curvy, some like blondes, some like dark, some like natural and some like enhanced. That's great. We have all kinds of girls working at The Bush, most of them pretty. It wouldn't be fun if all girls looked the same. But in Tatiana opinion, a club starts going downhill when there are too many sloppy, nasty girls working. And that applies to attitude too.
For example, last Summer we had two girls from Vegas working, cute. But one of them had a really bad attitude, she would do two dances and charge for four. And demand the money, when guys would protest she would threaten them and most guys just pay to avoid the confrontation. That's mean and wrong. If someone has an encounter with a dancer like that, chances are that they won't return to the club and the nice girls will end up with less money because of that. Tatiana would never cheat someone on money, that goes against her principles. It's just wrong. Do unto others........
That's an example of an attitude that shouldn't be ok in the club. Tatiana is nice to everyone UNLESS they do something stupid, then she will put them in their place, better believe it. You can't come in there an act like an ass. The higher class on the dancers the better the clientele Tatiana thinks, or that might just be wishful thinking........
You don't want to go in to the club and get nightmares afterwards, due to the visuals. It shouldn't be a freakshow.
But Tatiana doesn't want to be shallow and mean either and decide on what's attractive or not. But she thinks that a dancer should kind of "fit the profile" and be somewhat attractive, taking care of herself and act classy.
Tatiana has worked with girls in the past that had really bad hygiene, imagine getting a dance and get nauseated from some girls BO. Gross.
Or imagine going to a club where the girls are just really nasty acting, not a good experience.
But if you take the time to look you can find something attractive in all of us. Sigh........Tatiana knows that.
You don't have to share opinions all the time with your friends. It's good to talk about things, you learn from each other.

After lunch we went to the womens show at The Sullivan Arena, a bunch of exhibitions and booths with products and information. We had fun.
Tatiana is tempted to inject botox in her forehead. So far, nothing has been altered. Besides Tatiana state of mind on different occasions.

Then we parted ways. Tatiana got some pastries and some movies for tonight. Then she went home to Chhaya.


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Elaine on :

How is Julia. I need to know. It's eating at me.

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