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Today, after meeting Daisy at Kaladi first (of course) we headed out to Lea's Boutique in Sterling. I was there a few days ago but only for a brief stop and I wanted to take my time today and maybe get something for myself. I have to say that Lea's is a very nice boutique.
It's a two story store with gorgeous interior, plush purple carpet and pink walls. Clean.
They sell anything from bachelorette party supplies to good quality adult toys (like Lelo, I have a couple of Lelo's myself), comfortable but nice bras and panties to the more sexy latex outfits, lingerie and body stockings. Plenty of super cute and nice outfits to choose from and the sizes vary too. I think anybody can find something they like in there. Lea's is my new fave place for shopping around here. Their slogan is "the ultimate in intimate" and I'd say they have succeeded in that.

Only a handful of all the cute undies they have at Lea's.....they have a great selection of stuff. Again, I love love love the color of the carpet, the walls and the trim!

There is a whole section dedicated to reading material also.

I came home with a pair of wet look stockings.....I love latex and the look of latex and a strap dress (René Rofé). I don't wear dresses like these at work, unless I work at a club where I HAVE to wear a dress but this strap dress is really nice.....especially in the back where there is no fabric, only straps. Sexy! And a pink body stocking, I have one like this in black (see Kitty Cat Halloween pics) and since I like the black one a lot I decided that I needed one in pink too. Besides......who doesn't like pink?


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