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Dump and Marijuana

I went to the dump today.....super exciting huh? I had some trash to throw away and some batteries to put in the recycle bin. Chhaya loves going there, that means she will get a treat upon leaving the dump. The dump gate attendant (or whatever they are called) always has a treat for her and she knows this and starts salivating even before the treat is visible.
Chhaya acts like she never gets treats, although her life is all about good food, treats, cuddles and doing stuff. After the dump we went to Arc Lake and walked around it twice. I was curious to see whether I would hear any weird sounds by throwing rocks on the ice. I threw several but nothing happened, in fact the lake was rather quiet today. Those eerie sounds I heard last time I went there were almost non existent, I only heard the lake sound off twice.

When I was leaving a car had parked next to mine and two chicks were busy smoking weed. So.....speaking of marijuana. Alaska voted yesterday and marijuana is now legal here in the 49th state. More and more states are joining in on legalizing marijuana. I don't smoke weed, I've tried it a few times and I don't like it. It makes me sick, I think it's the inhaling the smoke, it's too much like smoking a cigarette and that is just gross to me. On the other hand I have tried brownies a few times (like three times) and liked that, although the last time I had a brownie it was way too potent and I got really high, couldn't move, stayed in bed laughing and then threw up. Yeah. And I also have these candies in my possession, Mountain High Suckers they are called. I found them at Burning Man the other year and I only ate a few but they are tasty and fun, yet again.....I just laughed. I guess I'm saving them for a future fun occasion.

Everybody has their own opinions about drugs and whether they should become legal or not. I say legalize everything because people do it anyways. I have tried all kinds of drugs and I have never developed anything remotely close to a drug problem or a habit. I even work in a strip club and I don't drink/do drugs/smoke and if I was to do drugs I certainly wouldn't waste a good time at work. I personally do not believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. Absolutely there need to be laws regarding driving under the influence, working while high etc. But people all over the place drive, and go to work etc under the influence of either alcohol, weed, some other drug legal or prescription. I would never want to get high every day, I enjoy my life very much sober. I'm not trying to run away from any problems or mask some negative feelings, I enjoy waking up without a hangover. But on the other hand I want to be able to enjoy my drug/s of choice when I want to, in a responsible way of course. I'm an adult and I think I can make rather informed decisions regarding any possible drug use I might indulge in. Trust me, I have studied the drugs I have done or am interested in doing.
I guess the proposed price for an ounce of weed here in Alaska is going to be $50. I don't know if that's reasonable, I've never bought weed before but if some of that money is going toward taxes and something good will come out of it, like financing anything the public uses like infrastructure, schools, parks - then I think it's a good thing. People have been smoking weed anyways before it became it's legal and maybe something good will come out of it. Times change, people and their thinking patterns evolve. I don't need Big Brother to barrage me with scare tactics about the evils of drugs because I do not believe in that anyways. I think certain plants make you open up your eyes, if you are willing to take that step, I certainly want to evolve as a person. Alcohol and cigarettes everybody knows are rather bad. I have not seen much positive come out of people smoking cigarettes and getting drunk and that's legal. What's positive about smoking cigarettes? Nothing. And what's good about getting wasted on booze or beer on a regular basis? I can't think of much. It's a personal choice. You decide yourself how you want to live your life and you will reap the rewards of your lifestyle and actions, or not.


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