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Feeling Great

OMG I'm feeling great! Happy and alive! It's amazing what some Whole Foods therapy and sunshine can do. I've been eating there every day since I got here. The sun is shining and the trees are BEAUTIFUL in Omaha.....I'm really impressed with this town actually. The trees are large and the autumn colors are on full display - red, orange and yellow. Gorgeous.

I also found a gym and got a pass that is valid for 24 hours, so I'm going back tomorrow.
The gym had my fave machine, the stairs of torture. I'm getting back on those tomorrow.
Life is good right now. :-D


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Annette on :

Minneapolis has beautiful trees this time of the year before it turns into the ice tundra......

Tatiana on :

From what I've seen when I fly over looks like a really nice place.

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