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Some days are just bleeeeh.......

Tatiana had two days off from work. Really, she was supposed to be working but some days are just know?
Not in the mood to be social, not in the mood to be on display, feeling bloated, that time of the month. Not the best time for entertaining others.
Also the last day or so it's been gloomy out, dark, coldish, muddy.
Tatiana had to take care of certain things but besides the absolute necessary, time was spent resting, reading and doing as little as possible.
Actually, a job Tatiana wishes she had sometimes, is professional sleeper. Like a person trying out different beds, to see if they are comfy to sleep in. Tatiana loves to sleep, she thoroughly enjoys it. If Chhaya is laying in the bed with her it's even better. And a good book and a few entertaining magazines within reach. Wonderful.
But after a few days of feeling bleeeh, Tatiana woke up to a bright, beautiful, sunny and fresh Spring day today. And things were great. No more bleh!
A song that comes in mind is "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie, perfect song.


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