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Had to go out and get some necessities. Needed more lotion. Sometimes I use unscented Lubriderm but I love L'Occitane so I decided to try their vanilla cream. Some vanilla body butter from Body Shop too. And vanilla scented shower creme from Bath & Body Works. I like vanilla and I also like honey scented lotions and cremes. Mandy has this creme from Weleda, it's called Skin Food and it smells like essential oils/aromatherapy, I decided I needed some of that too. And a hand creme from Weleda, my other one I've been using it's almost empty.
I think I'm going to get some for my Mom (the Skin Food), it's really nice.
There is a mall here, I haven't been to a mall in about six months or so. I went to Victoria's Secret but they did not have any bras that I thought were cute enough for me. But I might have found some tennis shoes. I need a new pair, or two. I will go back to the mall in a few days and try them on, I'm excited! Right now I'm just laying in bed and relaxing......tired.


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Annette on :

Where did you get the Weleda? I am picky about lotions....But I love body oils that smell like that bar of soap you sent me :-). The University of MN Dermatology clinic suggested a lotion called Amlactin. I am trying it and so far I like it. You can get it at Walgreens or Target.

Tatiana on :

Whole Foods. I just now rubbed it on my hands and feet before I go to bed.
Amlactin.....I will check it out.

Annette on :

:-) thank you

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