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The moon was so big and gorgeous last night. I was in the right place for a good pic, this is the moon over the Kenai river last night.

There is a lunar eclipse tonight I guess, I might be able too see that too. If I'm not sleeping.
Besides this I am annoyed. I am dealing with a missing money order that was cashed by not the person it was intended for and fraud on my credit card. Got the credit card taken care I'm getting a new card sent to me and I have to inform all the places that I have recurrent billing with of the new credit card number. Time consuming, annoying. Then I have to trace the money order and try to get my money back for it. WTF. Stuff like this is exhausting. Bleh. So I'm feeling annoyed.
One more FUN fact......I guess there were some people from Africa in the club last night I heard (I wasn't there). One of them recently arrived from Africa. Not Liberia. But still, Africa. After they left, the table and chairs they were using and the pool sticks (they played pool) got wiped down with bleach. I don't think any of the girls interacted with them last night.
Last Saturday night a guy from Kongo was in.....he told me he is here working, in between here and Japan I guess on some ship, so he had not physically been in Africa for a while.
I interviewed him, oh yes I did. He was very nice. But last night he brought in a friend, that person was newly arrived from Africa. I am not interested in getting any kind of disease - HIV, the flu, Marburg, Ebola, chlamydia, HPV.....etc. NONE of that stuff that you can get from another person. I intend to stay as healthy as possible. Next time management tells me that I HAVE to talk to somebody or do a lap dance for somebody just because they happened to make it in the "buy one get one free dance", or the "get one free" or the "$10 off a lap dance" jars that we have on stage ( rollbacks at Walmart OK....I don't like it whatsoever) I will remind them of that I am an independent contractor and I interact with people at my own discretion. That's the law. You can't force me to do anything actually and then yell at me and call me STUPID (true story) when I protest and question stuff. You can call me ugly if you want, if that's what you think, cause I really couldn't care less. But do not call me stupid, because if you think that I am stupid then your IQ levels better be way up there.


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