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I got the latest Elle yesterday to be read while I enjoyed every bite of these delicious cupcakes. MMMMMMMM!

I was disappointed with this issue of Elle, it was boring and full of crap. I did not like any of the fashion and the articles were all about finding a man, because if you don't have a man your life must not be complete, right? And a bunch of very valuable information that men prefer women that look young and dewy, so make sure you stay forever youthful looking, preferably like you are still in high school even if you are pushing 70. I was like BARF! Having said that, there is some MD in New York that promises that a laser that he uses in his office (Fraxel Thulium) will rid a person of 85 - 90 percent of sun damage in two treatments. That's kind of impressive! Maybe when I'm 60 I will do some of that I can stay forever young looking! If I'm still vain when I'm 60. As far as the need of having a man in my life, that is of no importance to me. I'm happy without one and I am happy with one, IF it's a quality man that is. If he is not quality then it's better to be without one.
The only good stuff I came across (that I already knew and that I keep telling people) is that eating yoghurt.....(good quality yoghurt) and sauerkraut is good for your stomach. Lucky me, I love both yoghurt and sauerkraut.
Last night I had those cinnamon balls from Taco Bell. I sent one of my slaves out to get them for me while I was starving at work. Cinnabon Delights I think they are called. Never again. That crap made me feel queasy for the rest of the night. One girl I work with suggested I make myself vomit. Actually last night I wish that I could had stuck my fingers down my throat bulimia style to vomit up those cinnamon balls. But I have never done that before and I'm not about to start. But that was the first and last time I'm eating that crap. I haven't had Taco Bell in forever. At least ten years I think. Now I know why. Bleh.
So I was curled up on the couch at work all night long, watching videos of the mega rave Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium. For some reason we had a lot of children in last night, just turned 21, confused and full of annoying energy. No, I am not interested in dating you if you look like you are 16 and weigh 120 lbs. Please......leave me alone. The young ones are persistent little fuckers, kind of like mosquitoes. But kind of fun still.

Soooooo.......Ebola. It's here in the US now. Great. Do I have to start walking around with a mask on my face and a bottle of tea tree oil in my purse for disinfecting purposes?

I have been reading up on it, US reports and Liberian online news. What annoys me is the inconsistencies in the stories that are coming out. Stick to the facts and report the facts only, this is some serious shit. Ebola is not airborne yet.....but who knows, it might mutate tomorrow and spread the respiratory route.
I'm supposed to travel for work soon. But at this point I'm hesitant. I have not got my ticket yet. First of all I have some sort of anxiety related to buying plane tickets and arranging for travel plans. I don't know why but I really don't like doing that. I put it off for as long as I possibly can.
Then I don't want to be around hordes of sick, coughing and sneezing people in airports and on airplanes. People sneezing gross me out cause half of them just sneeze straight out in the air, like DISGUSTING! I do not want your nasty wet sneeze particles on me. Then the club I'm supposed to work at will have dudes from all over the country, some of them are really into exotic hunting. You know, going on trips to some African country to hunt and shoot some poor exotic animal to be displayed as a trophy. Well, who knows. Maybe they bring home a zebra rug and Ebola.
Yeah.....this Ebola stuff is crazy and frightening. This might be the start to the end of times for us humans.


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mandy on :

Persistant mosquitos ahahaha!!
I didn't even think about those exotic animal hunters. Jeeez. I hope they are smarter than that...but with the action that place sees I doubt it.
Those magazines are redic. Is there an article on how to conveniently take a sexy dump, how to get an irresistible yeast infection, or how to work it when you flu vomit? Looks matter more than anything after all. The sweat from the flu gives you a natural green tinted dewiness!
You have so many steps traveling too. :/ But maybe the majority of people in your flight path will be normal clean and healthy.
Ten years for Taco Bell?! But it's sooooo gooood.
Is your hair pink or is that an old picture?

Tatiana on :

When I first came to the US I "discovered" Taco Bell....I though it was the best thing ever.....burrito supreme, soooo good and so cheap. A rapid weight gain followed. I now don't care for any fast food places....except the occasional apple pie and oatmeal from McDonald's and a sandwich from Subway.....
I have pink hair now! ;-)

mandy on :

Whaaat! I'm so excited for your hair. I've been having an itchy dye finger myself. Jealous.

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