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Depeche Mode

The last two nights I have been immersed in music videos on youtube. I love music videos, I used to be addicted to MTV and other similar channels back in the day. So I have been on a personal late night nostalgic journey, remembering when I used to go out in Sweden.....almost every weekend since I was 13. If I missed a weekend it was a personal disaster. When I got a complaint for unruly behavior once from a teacher my Mom did not allow me to go out clubbing (well, more like dancing) the following weekend, I thought I was going to DIE! Me not going out? Unheard of!
And a few years after arriving in the US I discovered raves but that's a whole other chapter. Some of the BEST times of my life have been in a club or at a rave - dancing. I love to dance. Anyhow.....
So while looking at music videos last night I was texting with Mandy, it's like our nightly thing as of lately.....she was telling me about some rather sad stuff. So to cheer her up and steer the conversation in a different direction I wrote, "Depeche Mode" cause I was watching a bunch of Depeche Mode videos since about an hour at that point. She immediately writes back, "How in the hell did u know I was listening to that right now?"
Weird huh? She didn't even know I was on youtube listening to music/watching videos. And of all the music out there we were both listening to Depeche Mode. Mandy likes chameleons, spiders and other insect like pets. I don't. I love latte, she is not a big fan. We both love Depeche Mode and happened to listen to them at the exact same time last night. We are both dancers. We both use MAC's. I'm a Capricorn she is a Pisces. She has three Chihuahuas and I have a pitbull. We both ❤ the color pink. All of those details MUST mean that we were separated at birth, Mandy IS my sister or my other soul spirit human. LOL.

Speaking of Depeche Mode. I love them. I was lucky enough to see them in concert in Vegas years ago. AMAZING. OK! AMAAAAZING. I would love to see them again.
And I finally found a 20 ounce cup for my lattes so I don't have to waste paper cups anymore. I have been feeling bad about being wasteful. I have a couple of 16 ounce cups but since about a year now I've been drinking 20 ounce lattes. Now I have a cup for them. Perfect.


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mandy on :

MEEEEEEE!!! :-))))))))))))))))))))

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