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Cold & Cravings

I got up kind of early today. I had to go to the DMV. It's officially cold now. The lawn was frosty and I could see my breath when exhaling this morning.....brrrr.
What I want to do right now is bury myself deep under my covers and go to sleep but instead I'm going to take Chhaya out. I think we are going to go for a long walk, meaning one hour I have to bundle up. We are going exploring I told her.
DMV has been a process. Their photo machine was down a few days ago.....I needed to get a new license since my old one has been expired for over a week now. But all of the picture taking machines in the whole state were down last week, yes imagine that! As a JOKE, I asked the lady handling my paperwork at the DMV if I could provide them with a selfie instead, "Hold on, let me find a real good selfie in my phone real quick". She looked at me like I was insane - LOL. Then I went back last Friday but the line was too long, ain't nobody got time for that! Today there were only 3 people ahead of me and the whole process still took almost 45 minutes, so imagine waiting with 30 people ahead of you. No thanks! Well, I got a license now (driving legally again) and I am happy with the picture, I'm smiling - OF COURSE. When I renewed my passport in Sweden a few months ago I wanted to smile on the passport photo but I was not allowed to. You are no longer allowed to smile (with teeth showing) on the photo used in Swedish passports. In my old passport photo I smiled and I love that pic of myself. But no more smiling. Bleh. Boring. I was going to share my old passport pic with you (cause I just love it soooo much and I am a huge narcissist as you all know by now......oh yes) but then I started to feel weird about what if some weirdo does something WEIRD with it? Trust me, I have encountered some WEIRDOS in my life with BAD intentions towards me, although cleverly disguised as a friend with good intentions. Sooner or later their true colors showed. So I scrolled through my phone and found this pic instead. I'm drinking Earl Grey tea at my friends cafe in Stockholm.

So's cold, I feel frozen. And I have some materialistic cravings. Not that it's going to make my life any better if I acquire these things.....but I still want them.
Pink and beautiful Prada bag. This bag is gorgeous! I NEED! I think that Boss Lady should buy this for me for Christmas......or anyone else that is feeling generous and appreciative of me. ;-)

New bodychain. I think I like this one. Or should I wait for new designs to come out? It's by TatiRocks Jewelry.

Shoes for work. Just because they are cute.


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mandy on :

Whats that stone on the body chain? It looks like some chakra thing. We cant smile for our photos either. So when you're under pressure how do you even know what your standing normal face is? Came out looking deformed.

Tatiana on :

Not sure what stone that is.....but it's pretty!

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