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Boss Lady Is A Hero

Boss Lady did it again! She used her gypsy skills and collected more money for the animal sanctuary in Nikiski. We already did that once, I took a $300 check over there, this is money we collected at work. So some strip clubs actually do give back and do good in society. Actually last Saturday me and Boss Lady joined efforts and helped out a lady and her little puppy that were in some distress.
This time Boss Lady put a cuss jar at the bar, every time you cursed you had to pay a fine. "Had to" should be taken lightly, we don't force people to participate in anything they don't want to. Since I sometimes like to curse (I blame it on temporary bouts of Tourette's) I had some nice men make donations in the jar in my name.....about $50 or so. Boss Lady collected close to $300 again (!) and she and the Big Boss are supposed to take a drive out to Nikiski to deliver the money and check out the sanctuary for themselves today. It's gorgeous out too, a perfect day for a road trip. Here is Chuck with the money. Chuck is one of Boss Lady's much loved and spoiled babies. He is a ferocious Chihuahua.

Boss Lady possesses some very impressive money making skills. She could give any sales people at the markets in Kazakhstan some serious competition, she can sell you anything even if you don't need it. Boss Lady can charm the wallet out of every man with her ways and ample bosom.
I told her that she should become a professional fundraiser person, like a one person Kickstarter. For example, let's say you want money for a certain cause, you would hire Boss Lady and she would in an agreed amount of time collect money for you and then in turn she would get a certain percentage of the profits. I'm sure she would do very well.
I am going to ask her to collect money for me next. I want a new beautiful purse, like Prada, Givenchy or something similar.
Today Boss Lady is a hero. Because of her the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski will get some much needed donations. I do have great news about one of the dogs that I met when I went out to there last month - Buddy. He was shot in the leg and just got left to die by his previous owner (piece of shit). This big cuddly and happy baby got adopted! Look at that face! ❤

"Buddy is one of the reasons we are fighting for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to provide emergency Animal Services to area's outside of the cities here on the peninsula. Buddy was found shot in his own back yard. His leg was broken by the impact of the bullet. He now has a rod in his leg that will be removed in 3 months. He is available for adoption now to a responsible home."

Pic and text borrowed from the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary Facebook page. Check them out on Facebook and like them! :-D


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mandy on :

That chihuahua is so portly hahaa. I hope that the person who shot the dog gets run over by a momma moose.

Tatiana on :

Chuck is a teapot Chihuahua.

Jeff on :

I'm so glad Buddy got adopted! He looks so sweet!

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