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Fund & Animal Abuse

I woke up to rain. The rain is never ending. I start taking Chhaya for a walk and then it's starts pouring down, annoying. What is good though is this years Permanent Fund Dividend amount, the third largest since the program started. Not bad.

This is what I am going to do with my money, save and many invest some of it. So I have some for a rainy day. ;-)
And here is what I think other people should do with it. If you have kids I think you should use the money on your kids, either save for their future (it is THEIR money after all, everybody that is eligible and filed the paperwork will get the money, even children) or buy them stuff they need. Do not spend your child's money to buy booze, drugs, some sort of a motor vehicle for your new boyfriend (yes people do this, I'm not making it up) and other bullshit purchases like that.
And to everybody else with no urgent responsibilities, spend some of it on me and my girlfriends. I promise I won't spend my earnings on a motor vehicle for a guy. On the other hand, I want a new body chain and a new nice purse.

Now to something serious and disgusting. A dairy farm in New Mexico (Winchester Dairy) is being investigated after a video surfaced of a large amount of farm workers abusing the cows. Stabbing the cows with objects such as screwdrivers, whipping them with chains and metal wires, punching and kicking them and shocking them in the genitals with electric prods. YES, you read it right. FUCKING animal abusers, I want people like that to either be put to death or spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison, in a hard labor Siberian style work camp. This was secretly filmed by an animal rights group called Mercy For Animals.
THANK YOU I say to Mercy For Animals, I admire people like that.
It's one thing if you work at a dairy farm or some other place that handles animals for our consumption and it's another if you abuse these animals. These animals deserve and should live good lives, they give us A LOT. I HATE people like these, yes I feel hate. I would not hesitate for a second to inflict severe injuries on one of them if I witnessed something like this with my own eyes. This makes me furious and sick.
I think they need to make the laws stricter and punishments more severe. Cameras all over in all places that handle animals should be required by law, recording 24/7 with live streaming on the net, open for everybody that is interested to be able to view. If you have nothing to hide, if you treat the animals well, then you would have NO problems with cameras recording. Right?

I myself was involved in a minor incident at PetCo the other day. I observed a large behemoth of a "man" handle his dog in a manner that I thought was unnecessary and harsh.
I intervened nicely. He basically told me to fuck off and mind my own fucking business and I told him that what I just witnessed was my fucking business. If you weigh 300 lbs you do not need to manhandle a scared dog that weighs 50 lbs at the most. I never have to mistreat Chhaya, neither would I want to. The behemoth had a little girl and a woman with him, not sure what relation they had to him but they did not say a word, just looked at me with big eyes. I bet he manhandles them too at home, if that was his family.
It is everybody's human responsibility to say something when they see a defenseless person or animal get mistreated, by doing that you made it MY business. I am not scared of any large burly dudes, bring it! I would love to see you spend some time locked up.


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mandy on :

So the kids get their own individual $1884, along with their parents? And some just take their money and spend it on themselves when they could maybe put it in some sort of interest earning place for the kid? Stellar parenting. I'm taking it you overheard someone saying they're going to buy their hunk of burnin love a new auto. Lol
Someone who does that to an animal that is already probably set to Sick in the head. It would be a real shame if the cow just fell over on them. Be a real shame too if burly man would have a heart attack.

Tatiana on :

Yep....that amount per kid, so get your ass up here and start squeezing out kids! Imagine if you have like six or eight of them.....KACHING!!! $$$
It was a motorcycle. ...oh I have seen some amazing parenting, trust me. I should write a book on the subject....
I hope everybody that abuses cows dies a slow death drowning in cow shit.

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