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An Animal Day

Today I had an animal kind of day. First I woke up to this....Chhaya and BABA the sheep.
Me and Chhaya share BABA, I like to use BABA as a pillow.

Then Chhaya had a vet appointment, a follow up because a few weeks ago Chhaya had surgery and I was VERY worried and she was on pain medication, an antibiotic and a steroid, she is still on the steroid. Chhaya is my everything. She seems to be doing good, full of energy and is happy. Although she had some very traumatic and painful experiences at the vet lately, she was still a very brave and happy girl today. Giving kisses to her doctor and being very polite. Chhaya is the best. Our animal friends are amazing.

After the vet we went to Arc lake for a walk. At the lake Chhaya found a bunny. Yes, she led me to a bunny that was just sitting there, all alone. Then it ran past us and into the forest and I had a picture in my head of this poor bunny not surviving the night. Arc lake is a hangout for eagles, if you want to see some eagles that is the place. So I told Chhaya, "Search" and she did and found the bunny under some tree branches. The bunny did not protest when I picked it up, it was obviously domesticated. I put in in a crate that I have in the car and called my friend Traci. Traci, help!!!

Traci lives in a beautiful house on may acres, there are dogs, chickens, rabbits. She will take care of the little bunny. I'm glad. Poor baby! All alone in the forest.....imagine if that was your pet. :-( I give all the credit to Chhaya for finding the bunny, she knew. And of course THANK YOU to Traci for willingly taking in the bunny.

On my way home from town I stopped by Odie's Deli to see if they had any free bread ends, they give them away by the bag fulls. I was lucky, cause they did and I grabbed three bags and fed my bird and squirrel friends that come and eat at the house when I got home.
Chhaya finally got to play with a binki (toy) this evening, she has been on binki restriction for a while, she was so happy!

Now I'm going to lay in bed and read all the different blogs I read. Then take a bath and maybe start reading the new book I got the other day. Goodnight!


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mandy on :

I wish I could have that bunny. He's so cute. Can't believe your dog just found it. Magic.

Tatiana on :

Right time and the right place. It was meant to happen, yes....magic.

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