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It's been raining almost all day today. Earlier I cooked and ate a whole cauliflower, well Chhaya wanted some too. The result? Very stinky and powerful gas. I decided to stay home, feeling lazy and in need of ME time. Although this would had been a good night to cash in on the "Ballrumbler" dances. That is a rare and very popular treat, you grind your butt into another persons lap and let out a fart that vibrates through the recipients body. Costs extra, of course. I usually charge $60. They sell like hotcakes.
So I'm at home. I took a bath, washed my bedding, about to continue reading my new book that is very sad by the way. bed is so comfortable.....

Thinking about calling my Mom and some friends in Sweden. They held elections there yesterday (every four years) and there are some big changes. Not that I am too surprised, the ruling party Moderaterna got replaced by the other large party, Socialdemokraterna. It's been between those two ever since I was a child. The third largest party is now Sverige Demokraterna.

Many in Sweden are not happy about that. Or at least they pretend they are not happy about it. Nobody wants to admit to voting for them, it's considered shameful and you might get called out to be a racist. Although plenty of people obviously did vote for them since they got enough votes to be the third largest party. I understand why Sverige Demokraterna are growing. You can't ignore certain very important issues like immigration and all the stuff that comes with that. It does not make you a racist because you want to limit immigration to a small country like Sweden, it makes you a REALIST. I am a REALIST. I spent some considerable time discussing politics when I was in Sweden this summer. I have friends from other countries and people that were born in Sweden by Swedish parents.
Remember, I was not born in Sweden. Even my immigrant friends or second generation immigrant friends understand why Sverige Demokraterna are growing. What I find extremely baffling is how the ruling party Social Demokraterna say that they are not going to work with Sverige Demokraterna, childish behavior in a very grown up arena. You have to work together now and reach decisions, they are the third largest party, voted in by the people - democracy! What party would I had voted for? Djurens Parti. They advocate for the welfare of animals and the environment. I believe in taking care of the animals and fight for their welfare and take care of the environment. Without the animals that feed us and clothe us and the trees, vegetation, clean oceans and rivers and clean air we are nothing. Human beings will never get along. I love animals. Defenseless beautiful souls coexisting with the greedy brutes - us humans. Human beings will be their own demise.


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mandy on :

So in Sweden they do voting for groups rather than individuals, correct? I learned about something like that in a Political Science class.
I guess the Djurens Parti would be what we have as the Green Party...which no one apparently pays attention to here.


Tatiana on :

Something like the Green Party, although in Sweden there is Miljöpartiet de gröna also, miljö means environment and gröna means green.
Groups yes but with a spokesperson front figure. Although my Swedish politic knowledge is quite rusty I have to admit.....
I would say the most famous one was Olof Palme that was shot and murdered in Stockholm, he was the leader for Socialdemokraterna.

Practice on your ballrumbler skills! We will be the Rumble Team! Conquering them all!

Mumintrollet on :

Similar system that they have in Canada (and most other places) multi party system.

We have 8 parties in the government now.
A party needs more than 4% of the votes to get in.
The insane Femenistic initiative only got 3.1% so they are still out.

On the ballot for the party you pick they list the members they want and in the order they want them ,you can select/prioritize one if you like and if enough people do that the order changes.

So you can vote for an individual inside the party you vote for.

Mumintrollet on :

You could have voted if you wanted to.

"What I find extremely baffling is how the ruling party Social Demokraterna say that they are not going to work with Sverige Demokraterna"

If you read Orwells 1984 thoroughly you'll get a hint. It's all about power over the people at any price.

Tatiana on :

How could I had voted? If I went to Sweden....yes. Could I had voted from here? If so, I wish I knew, cause I would had voted.
1984, know about it....of course, haven't read it. It's on my to read list, actually I should had read it already. It should be a must.
I'm very did YOU vote?

Mumintrollet on :

You can vote on the Swedish embassy.

SD of course.

Tatiana on :

I knew it!
I am already not popular for defending them.
There is a Swedish Consulate in Anchorage, not sure if that is the same as the Embassy though?
I should call and ask.....

Mumintrollet on :

It should probably work on the consulate, too late now though.

Next time , in four years.

Tatiana on :

It will be very interesting to watch the developments over the years to come in Sweden and see if SD will grow more next election and if Fi will still exist then.
I have been reading a lot about the election, both newspapers and the Swedes opinions, just some of the latest threads.....

And this one that I actually commented on....

Mumintrollet on :

I think they can only grow as long as the problems they address will not be fixed by the other parties that say they see no problems.

The gråt and tandagnisslan ( tantrums , pouts and moans ) from the media and other noise makers was an instant gratification of the election.

Tatiana on :

There are problems. Obvious problems. That's why they got 13% (12.9) to be correct.

anne marie on :

1984 by Orwell is fascinating to say the least. As a self proclaimed Swedish woman whose pastimes include reading I am greatly surprised that you're not well versed in Orwell's writing. Especially something so magnetic as 1984. I must say I am greatly appalled at this news. I am also disappointed that you're mouthing off about Swedish political issues when not only have you no significant knowledge of your voting abilities in America but you seem more intrigued by what you seem to write by portraying your self as a proclaimed Swedish woman as an unpaid self proclaimed Swedish stance as a 'racially' motivated judgement caller rather than an educated political activist.

Tatiana on :

If you are " greatly appalled" as you yourself say that I have yet not read 1984 then I suggest you should find greater causes to be appalled about. Like child abuse or animal abuse. That I have not read a certain book is nothing you should worry about too much.
Yes, I love to read and I have read many books. 1984 by Orwell will be devoured by me one day. And thanks for reminding me about it, it will probably be my next book that I read! TACK ska du ha! :-)
I can have opinions about politics. That is my right. You do not have to be actively involved in politics or work as a politician or run for President to have opinions about politics. All the millions of people that vote every time there is an election have opinions. And even the people that don't vote have opinions. Sometimes people that don't vote do that as a way to express their disappointment in the current political climate.
It seems like I am not the only person that agrees with Sverigedemokraterna, they are steadily growing in Sweden. And I applaud that. I just hope that Jimmie Åkesson's health recovers. It takes great strengths to deal with all the negativity he had to endure in "politically correct" Sweden. Sweden is a democracy right? Then why can't Sverigedemokraterna stand for what they believe in?

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