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Fall Has Arrived

I can see it, feel it and smell it.....fall has arrived. In between the rain it's been nice, there is the feeling of fall in the air. The rhythm of nature has slowed down, I can feel the calm, things are slowing down in preparation for winter. I notice stuff like that because I walk Chhaya everyday.

I got a sugar pot today at Nortcountry Fair, I'm excited over that. My last one broke. You can see it there on the table. I also got my favorite bread (it is soooo good!) and some lentil and bean soups. I love soup, especially on a rainy day. One day I might try to make lentil soup from scratch. Another favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to read. I got some new books,
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, a Swedish author, I'm looking forward to curling up in bed with that book. And then I got Bad Feminist by Roxanne clue what it is about but the title seemed appealing to me.


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mandy on :

Can't believe summer is already over. :-( but you know what that means...Halloweeeeen!!!

Tatiana on :

I know.....summer is ALREADY over, every year it's over before you know it.
Halloween is my FAVE holiday (is it a holiday?) but it looks like I will be stuck here in AK again.
Unless you can lure me away somewhere fun.

mandy on :

You're not stuck there. Mandy says so.

Tatiana on :


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