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Crater Lake

On the way back from Burning Man I stopped by Crater Lake, that's in Oregon. First of all, Oregon is a beautiful place, I need to spend more time there. I know there must be some amazing hot springs and hikes there and I need to explore more of Oregon. Crater Lake is magical. The color of the water is a blue I have never seen before, rich, deep and intense.
No picture I have is making the place any justice.....

The island out in the lake is called Wizard Island, a very fitting name. I can just imagine a Harry Potter style wizard living there with a few owls as company.
I explored the surroundings for a few hours.

My dream right now is to get an RV, travel around the country and see beautiful sights, go for hikes and visit hot springs. Stop for a latte at cute or interesting cafes. Take my time, enjoy, dip my toes in the ocean, lakes and streams. Gaze at a sky full of stars in a forest somewhere. Fall asleep to the sound of chirping crickets and the wind rustling through the trees. All of that and more.



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mandy on :

Ahh...what a nice place to start a mere 100 mile hike. PCT woooo!

Tatiana on :

At the Crater Lake campground there are notes to PCT hikers posted in the convenience store.
100 miles.....I can't even imagine. Let's try for ten first and see how we feel at the end of that?

mandy on :

Ten shmen! That's child's play! Buck up little camper! At least 50!

Tatiana on :

Ten shmen - lol! I will buckle down like a good shiksa and try for about that? And then see how I feel about 50.....

Melinda on :

You look so happy, I think you should get an RV, too! We took an RV to Ak once, it was the best three weeks of my life.

Tatiana on :

RV life seems like lots of fun!

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