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Full Belly

Once in a while I decide to take my time and cook. I do enjoy it when I do it but I don't think I could do it every day.....when I say cook I do not mean heat up something frozen (like a TV dinner, or a premade frozen apple pie in the microwave) I mean cook from scratch basically.
I only use the microwave for popcorn and it's rare that I eat popcorn. I do not like the microwave, it scares me.
So today I made some pasta (I did not make the pasta from scratch, not that into cooking) with my own homemade tomato sauce, I used up a whole garlic (I'm going to reek tomorrow), I fried up asparagus with garlic and I put thicker slices of garlic in the tomato sauce. Then I made cornbread, I love cornbread. I use a recipe that has sugar in it. I tried a recipe without sugar once and I did not like the outcome. This is the recipe I used today.....
Now I have a full belly and I feel great. I love food, I love eating. I'm grateful that I can eat.

Goodnight from me and Chhaya!


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