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Burning Man Bikes

The bikes at Burning Man are amazing.....well some of them. I am fascinated and very appreciative of the bikes that some very creative people made.
Like this one.....I think this was my favorite. Her name is STAR and the eyes light up and so do the long wispy eyebrows, this bike was soooooo cute! I fell in love with STAR!

And here are some other bikes that I came across and took pictures of. There were many more. And I HIGHLY recommend that you bring a bike to Burning Man, without one you will be kind of removed from the things that there are to do and see. And trust me, you will want to do and see! Sure you could walk but the distances on the Playa are long, walking takes up valuable time and biking is so much more efficient. There are community bikes but finding one of those can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So yes, absolutely bring a bike to Burning Man. There is at least one place in Gerlach (the closests by town) that rents bikes if you don't want to buy your own or transport it.......or abandon it on the Playa.

My bike. I did not decorate it because I didn't have the time and I did not get any supplies for decorating. I only got a Hello Kitty basket to hang in the front and it definitely came in handy, that too I recommend. So you can put your stuff there instead of carrying it all in a backpack at all times. I got the bike on the drive to Burning Man at a WalMart for $80 and it worked GREAT! The only complaint I have is that the seat was rather uncomfortable and made my butt ache, so I have to get a better seat for it so my poor butt won't be in pain. Now the bike is at my friend Sarah's place in Vegas where I will pick it up at some point and use it at the next Burning Man I go to.

I enjoy biking at Burning Man.....I miss it. Yes, it can be hot (it's the desert so it's hot during the day), dusty and windy but it's part of the experience. Sometimes you have to put some effort into pedaling through some deeper sand and other times a dust storm engulfs you but it's Burning Man and you are one of the lucky ones that are there! Enjoy and embrace it while you are there!


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Annette on :

Those bikes are cute.....I like the lighted wheels:-)

B on :

I saw the bike photos. Pretty cool eyelashes.
I fear that no one will remember whether you decorated your bike or not - if you are the one riding it.

Tatiana on :

I'm thinking a Hello Kitty themed bike next year (if I don't procrastinate too long.....). Or perhaps hearts & stars....?

bil/1L on :

Awsome pics of the bikes..It's like being in Amsterdam on Acid! Looks like it was a good time. I'm glad your back home, safe and sound. I hope you have more artsy pics of Burning Man. My big question is , has Burning Man gone all corporate? I believe you've gone before. Did you notice any changes , or is it staying true to it's original origins?

Tatiana on :

Ahhhhh......has Burning Man gone all corporate.....? GREAT question! And since I went last year for the first time I have not much to compare it with, how it was before. People that have been going for a while say that it has changed a lot, not only size wise (more people) but also what it stands for or should not stand for. But I don't know, I still had an AMAZING time both times. But yes, you can read more about the corporate in conjunction with Burning Man, the turn key millionaire camps etc etc. There are plenty of opinions about that topic out there.....
I remember how EDC used to be when I was going to it in LA back in the day and what it has turned into now.....the huge Las Vegas EDC and I think it was so much better before but people that didn't go before think it's great know.
MORE ARTSY PICS of Burning Man are coming, I haven't put up the artsy pics yet!

Hollywood on :

WOW~ Thanks for featuring my bike, STAR :-) The basket actually goes on a more elaborate body that encompasses the rest of Star's personality, but the body is a tricycle and it broke that year. Ah, burning man. Thank goodness her face is a basket and can be put on any bike! She's versatile that way. Anyway, I love Star too! Creating her was such fun. I'm so happy you showcased her here.

Tatiana on :

WOW - so cool to hear from you about Star.....two years later!
I remember talking to you about your bike when I was taking photos of it (Star).
So nice that you found this blog entry!

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