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A very unfortunate tragedy happened last Thursday morning at Burning Man. A girl died after she fell off an art car and either got hit by it or got under it somehow. Her name was Alicia and she was described by her friends as "a ray of sunshine in every situation, and an amazing artist who radiated wonderful vibes." Alicia has been in my thoughts and I can't even imagine being on the receiving end of getting horrible news like that about a friend or a family member. This makes me sad. It was not fair. A tragedy absolutely. Poor girl. I'm so very sorry. Why???

When entering Burning Man you get a book called "What Where When". It tells you everything going on at Burning Man, hour by hour from the start until the end. Well, not really everything......there is a ton of other things happening that are not in the book but What Where When is a great tool and start and gives you so many choices on how to fill your days at Burning Man. There is also a map of all the art on the Playa (this year 233 pieces) and other useful info.
Here are some examples of stuff going on and the book is 160 there is a LOT to do at Burning's impossible to do it all and see it all.

Sybian O's Young Sluts
Ride the worlds best vibrator. Enjoy a sensual massage and an assisted orgasm. (No boyfriends).

Traveling Shangri-Lounge
Find us in the deep Playa and we will serve you the best martini you ever had! Relax with soothing sounds by Frank Sinatra and be charmed by our staff.

Daily Yoga and Meditation at 8 am.

Life Coaching.
Professional life coaches available to advise you on any of your life stuff - relationships, career, bad habits, money, name it, we fix it!

Pussy Day Spa
Ladies, are you thirty, dusty, or tired? Come to the Spa for champagne and a refreshing body wash, custom pubic hair styling and a pussy massage.

Hiney Hygiene Station
Our highly professional staff will use baby wipes, warm shea butter soapy water, moisturizing lotions, aloe vera, vitamin E, A, B5 and minerals.

Interactive Chakra Altars
Enjoy your own chakra journey through the 7 chakras in your temple dome. Feel yourself become whole and aligned throughout the journey.

Morphing Pain to Freedom
Explore accessing your deepest presence, energy, love and pleasure through mindful awareness. Investigate wounds, realize freedom.

Entheogens, Ego & the Akashic Field
How can entheogens most help us and why are they important today? This talk will cover a new theory from James Oroc, the author of Tryptamine Palace.

Anandapond Speaker Series: Paul Staments
Paul Stamets, plant biologist will give a talk,: "The Fungi Revolution."

The Power of Human Attention
Come see what it's like to tell your life story to a complete stranger. Search deep, explore, then return the favor. There's no limit to catharsis.

Twerkin fashion Show.
Get on the stage and shake your rump.

All Things Burning Man
A day dedicated to exploring and developments taking place within our community of Burners around the world.

I could continue for hours writing down stuff from What Where When......that was only a scratch on the surface. I was busy dancing at Planet Earth and other places, enjoying my time in Center Camp, biking around on the Playa feeling so very ALIVE (sometimes in dust storms battling through sand and enjoying every second of it) admiring art and engaging in people watching, talking, taking pictures etc. I did go to a few events that I looked up inside What Where When. Of course I rode the worlds best vibrator and had VAGINE washes and massages daily. I miss the Playa....... ;-)
I have 800 plus pics to sort through and pick out for the bear with me. My Burning Man experience will continue.

~ Alicia......may you fly with the angels ~


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Brian on :

How did you like riding the famous Sybian? Look forward to seeing more pics!

Tatiana on :

The Sybian was sooooo good that I went to ride it at least twice a day......!
More pics are coming.....I'm not done yet.

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