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I'm packing for Burning Man tonight! I have two boxes of KIND bars. Belts. Sunglasses.
My goggles from last year. Bandanas. My new Fjällräven Kånken backpack (a Swedish classic). Two pairs of fringe boots that have been waiting for the occasion. Lights to put on my bike and on myself so I'm visible on the Playa at night. I'm not done with the packing yet, I have to take a shower and wash my hair and the toiletries go in last. I got a new memory card in my camera and I'm planning on taking lots of pics. As always I'm packing more than I will use.
Oh well. I'm not bringing my laptop......there will be no blogging from Burning Man.
Most likely a short entry tomorrow at some point and then I will be busy until I leave the event. I just read some reports that it's been raining hard in the area of the event and people have been turned away at the gate because the road is mucky mud and not safe for driving.
It looks like the weather will be better tomorrow. Wow......I sure hope so.


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Annette on :

I am looking forward to reading about your adventures at Burning Man....sending you many good thoughts for a safe and enlightening experience :-)

Tatiana on :

Thaaaaank You Annette, I'm hoping for lots of goodness too and many great/fun/beautiful pics!

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