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Sorry my friends that I've been low on the blogging this week. Life has been hectic, I can feel the tension in my shoulders and my neck and I rarely do......I need a massage from the only woman I fantasize about, my massage lady in Las Vegas - Cathy. She is amazing.
The other day a friend came over to my house with a delivery of these super cute and very delicious cupcakes and donuts from a new cupcake place in Kenai called Iced and Sliced.
Very very yummy cupcakes and the donuts were actually mouth watering good.

I've had a rather crazy night last night. Not fun at all. I can say this, alcohol is a very destructive and evil vice. A bit too much of that and a good time can quickly turn into a very bad time, even a tragic time. I am so tired of people that drink too much and that can't behave themselves normally when intoxicated. I think that my home from now on will be a sober only home. Anybody that wants to drink can do so somewhere else, there are plenty of bars to get hammered at in town, my home is not a local bar. I've had enough. I want my home to be.....serene.
Or like this one guy that is opening up a completely sober nightclub in Stockholm, Sweden of all places, imagine that. The clubs name? SOBER. I love it, I would definitely go. Here is some of what he (Mårten) had to say, "Swedes need to wake up and stop glorifying booze in the way we do. Life is too short for us to be wasted all the time. I want to inspire people and show them that you can have a bloody great time without alcohol. I want to offer an alternative to just getting hammered. Yeah, I’ve had enough. I've been sober for six months. It’s great—I’ve never felt better. I’m so much calmer these days. I feel better, I look better, and my self-esteem has never been this high. I’m proud of myself in a way I’ve never been before."
I need a nap if I am going to make it to work tired.


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mandy on :

Sober.....Manana....awesome ideas! :-D Alcohol shows peoples true nature, without them caring or paying attention to the effort they put in trying to be something they are not.

Tatiana on :

ahhhhh.....I think it shows one true side of a person, since we tend to be more omplex but I get your point.....

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