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The Joy Of Giving

I am a total giver.....if I might say that about myself. I love surprising people with gifts, cards, something small but thoughtful, to show that I care and remember whomever it is that I am giving something to. It doesn't have to be a birthday, the occasion can be Just Because.
The joy of giving is the joy you feel in your heart when you know that you might be putting a smile on somebody's face and give them a good feeling inside. It's enriching for my soul to give. Of course I like receiving too (who doesn't) but giving really makes me feel good.
A friend's birthday is coming up, a very dear friend. She lives in Sweden. I miss her so much. In fact I miss all my friends in Sweden so very very much. Especially tonight. I'm going through a difficult time right now, something happened but I don't want to write about it yet (or ever). I'm unharmed physically but my heart hurts and I feel helpless, very sad and very lonely. I feel like I only have Chhaya here, my TRUE friend. I hope everything will be OK soon, it must be.
Tomorrow I might go to the post office and send this. The girl working at Northcountry Fair wrapped the stuff I got there so nicely. It looks beautiful!

I hope all of you are OK and happy out there, wherever you might be.


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Jarrod on :

We enter and exit this life alone, but why we are here we need the comfort of others to feel whole. All self reliant personas feel lonely at some point in time. I hope these feelings dont last. Your very strong and this too will pass.

Tatiana on :

I'm feeling much better.....thank you.

Annette on :

I am believing your heart will be healed are a beautiful and thoughtful soul. Although I have never met you I count it a blessing I get to communicate with you. I received some news today that was heavy but I know deep down inside I will be ok :-) xoxo to you and Chhaya

Tatiana on :

I like communicating with you too Annette! Maybe one day we will meet somewhere.
Heavy news? Is Jax OK?

Annette on :

I believe we will :-) ....not Jax its me. All that sun.....tanning..I have a spot that is melenoma stage 0 on the back of my arm. I have to have it cut out.

Tatiana on :

OH NO Annette! When? Indoor or outdoor tanning?
How scary.....cut out? Like yuck. Let me know how it goes!

Annette on :

Both indoor and outdoor although not so much indoor in the past few years. It is on the back inner part of my arm. I guess that is a place that it shows up on women...and the back of legs. It looked like just a few freckles getting together, then while waiting 2mths to see the dermatologist it started to look bruised. I am thinking geeze I have no vitamin D in me cuz I don't get enough sun so wtf is this.....I love the sun :-( Why would the sun be bad for is part of our exsistence? Yes cut it out so it can't spread. Thank you Tatiana for the hugs. BTW I am not a advocate for drunkeness....been there done that. I like having fun and remembering the next day :-)

Tatiana on :

It doesn't make any sense how something that is always present in the sky, something we need to function and make us feel good, can also be harmful for us. Why is that?

Annette on :

Yes.... I just don't get it. Maybe everything in moderation......I use to get really tan in Kansas. There is a lot of sun there. I rode my bike to and from work in that hot blazing sun.

mandy on :

Yes thank you for my fragrant poo water, my little troll who watches me sleep, and all my other presents that make me feel special. :-D

Savannah on :

Chin up girl. I dont know the situation, but time heals all wounds. If yiu ever need to talk, i will lend a friendly ear. Hope you are doing well. Xoxo

Tatiana on :

Thanks.....doing better!

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