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Animal Sanctuary

Me and Boss Lady don't see eye to eye on a few things (related to work) but when it comes to animals she has her heart in the right place. She has three very loved and spoiled dogs of her own and we both agree on that dogs should be loved and spoiled. Unfortunately not everybody agrees. A large amount of dogs recently got rescued here and found a new home at Alaska’s Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski.
Here is some of what was said in the Peninsula Clarion last week about the rescue.
"With bellies still swollen from a lack of food, 35 dogs are on their way to recovery after being rescued Monday. The dogs had been housed in a 10--by-20-foot room and most of the animals likely had never been outside. The crew lined up kennels and loaded the dogs with little hassle and the owners were grateful for the help. “They were doing the best they could,” Whipp said about the owners, who willingly surrendered the animals. Of the 35 dogs — primarily a mix of miniature huskies and border collies — nine are four weeks old, 11 are 1-week-old puppies and two of the dogs are pregnant."
Boss Lady read the article and had a small fund raiser at work Thursday night. Boss Lady is a natural at getting money, she is a better hustler than a persistent gypsy at the market in Istanbul. In no time she had collected $300 and that was on a slow night too. She wrote a check and asked me if I could make a trip out to Nikiski the following day to deliver it.
Of course I could! Boss Lady knows how I feel about animals.

I met the two people running the sanctuary - Sue and Tim, very nice people. They appreciated the check and the treats that I brought along and got very happy when I told them where the money came from. I was there for a while talking to them and petting the dogs. They told me that there is a lot of animal abuse and neglect in this state. As well as rape and child abuse and neglect (that was also discussed amongst us). For the state with the least population the numbers are very high when it comes to violent and cruel acts against women, children and animals, pretty disturbing. That people think it's normal, don't know any better or "were doing the best they could" is something that I don't buy. I am more realistic in my approach to certain situations. You know damn well if you abuse or neglect an animal or a child and IF for some reason you don't, then you should not be allowed to breed your off spring (mandatory sterilization) or have the privilege of being a pet owner. I'm tired of inexcusable behaviors getting excused time after time. And don't fucking breed your pets! Your dog is not some kind of a money making machine for your greedy ass. Have you stopped and worried about what happens to those puppies or kittens that get sold on Craigslist, do you even care? Selfish assholes.
I am going to suggest to Boss Lady that we have a few more fund raisers for the animal sanctuary, they are in need. Here are some pics of the dogs that were rescued.....all of them very sweet.

Then there was this boy that just wanted to be close to me and give me kisses. His "owner" had shot him in the leg and just left him. That exact treatment should be bestowed upon whoever did this to that dog. Well, he was happy when I saw him, wagging his tail and smiling. He has a rod in his hip that will be taken out and he should be good.

A statement I very much agree with. I actually think that people that have kids and can't take care of them for whatever reason, neglect them or abuse them should be sterilized.
That should be the law. Don't make babies until you know that you can be there for them in every possible way. Until then, keep your legs closed, your dick in your pants, use protection or have an abortion - you have options.

I felt a bit sad when I left the animal sanctuary......Chhaya next to me in the car as we drove off. I need to pay that place another visit at some point. And while browsing the Peninsula Clarion tonight I came across this article that I agree with.

There is a mention in it about the Kenai Peninsula being the armpit of Alaska and I have myself thought that on a few occasions. I have seen some very questionable examples of parents here. Drinking is out of control. Drugs. People are throwing their trash all over.
All that bad stuff, it's like a very trashy episode of Jerry Springer. Of course not everybody is like this but many are, too many. GROW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions!
And step up those parenting skills.


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Annette on :

Tatiana you are my hero....I can't go to places like that it just hurts my heart to much and I feel sick to my stomach for days. I love dogs mostly ( animals) so much. I only donate to animal charities and charities that help street kids. I have been a few times to First Ave here (a club known because of Prince...Purple Rain) for a charity to help cats. It's called "Rock for Pussy" .....MPLS has everything :-)

Tatiana on :

I can't go to shelters.....where they get euthanized if nobody adopts them, that is just too sad.....
But this place is supposedly a no kill shelter. They had other dogs that were outside in a large fenced off area and they looked pretty happy, laying in the sun or playing. And it was located on a nice lake.
Rock For Pussy!
MPLS seems like such a cool place, Mandy is there right now and found out for both of us that the club I've been wanting to work at (Seville) don't hire out of towners, you have to have a MN license. It doesn't make sense to me but that's how it is.

Annette on :

Well that seems dumb....what about Ricks cabaret, King of Diamonds or Dream Girls? I think the Seville is nicer. If she wants any suggestions about things to do here, tell her to ask me :-) MPLS is a fun city.

Tatiana on :

I think she is trying Rick's tonight. I heard that the Seville is really nice, that's why I really want to try it.......

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