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Fun Night

I'm tired......long day. Productive day, good! Earlier when I had energy I thought I would actually make it to work tonight but no. I'm actually really tired. I had an OK Friday night and a good Saturday night, a fun night too - so I'm happy and content.
Let's see, a very annoying man offered to put me up in a condo in Anchorage, no more work for me he promised.....oh let me not forget....a very annoying married man. He came in Friday and Saturday, I finally had to run away from him. No thanks. You are annoying AND married, I'm not interested in either.
Then some guy thought he was going to be deep and different with me and told me to just lose all the stripper know the fa├žade, the "everything" and just be REAL. Hmmmmm........actually I AM real. I don't play any stupid games at work or outside of work, no weird and fake personality, you just don't know me and you won't ever know me because people like that, that assume they are coming with a different approach when in fact I have heard it before and it's also not true when it comes to me, well I don't have patience for that.
I just walk away. Then he yelled after me, "I'm not going to give you any money." Newsflash, I didn't even ask you for any money and you came up to ME.....NOT the other way around. Later he tried to apologize, I ignored him, I am very good at that.
One of my loudest, prettiest and most fun "fans" came in. Her name is Sarah and she lives in Anchorage, for some reason she really likes me and every so often she will come here and visit me. She very loudly compliments me when I'm on stage and is rather generous, we exchanged numbers last night and she wants me to come and work at The Bush Company so she can see me there. Maybe, I have entertained the thought. The only thing stopping me is that I don't want to be in any club at 4 pm.....until 2 am, later on weekends. Grueling. But I might be able to deal with it for two weeks.
Oh, so I collect compliments. The usual ones.....pretty, beautiful. gorgeous, nice hair, nice this.....nice that, well we have all heard it all before. It goes in one ear and out the other.
I think every girl gets those, depending on the intention of the person giving the compliment, so I don't really take it seriously. But I got a good one last night. A couple was in and after my stage their friend came up and wondered, "what it would take for his buddy and his lady to get entertained by my perfection". Awwwww, how sweet!
Friday night a guy decided that I was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, now come on! It's not that dark in the club! He needs to travel the world or at least leave the state......I did blush a little though. EVER? Wow.


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