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I worked last night and scraped together $56 but I'm still happy. Mandy thinks that I am wasting my time and getting the life sucked out of me, I KNOW and I agree but I can't possibly travel all the time, I just can't. I have Chhaya. Half of the time I go into work here it's a waste of my time and it's also so completely unmotivating that I don't even try to make money. Because there is nobody to make it from or the way some girls make their money is just not how I make money. But I am not going to live off my savings. Although it's a waste of my time I usually have FUN.
Have you ever seen a strip club mistletoe? We have's a pair of panties and a tampon. And no, I did not hang it there, although that is my kind of humor......and no, it's not a used tampon. We are a classy place after all! :-D

Would you like to make a NEW BREAST FRIEND? Instead of a best friend you can make a breast friend!

Talking on the couch with my friend Grady, he comes in almost every night to say HI, he is part of the furniture in the place.

I'm thinking tonight can't get any worse that $56 so I'm going to give it a try again.


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Savannah on :

LOL about the "mistletoe"...I put that there the last night I worked! :-) Lmao. Trouble came in with this crazy friend of hers, Gary (he's a local, maybe you know him?). They brought in all kinds of outfits. I took one of the pairs of panties from on of the sets (new I mind you) and hung it up there lol. We added the tampon (soaked in grenadine) for wow factor lol. We were a little tipsy, but God it was a funny night! :-) I imagine Diann hasnt seen it yet as they are on'll have to let me know what she thinks of that when she sees it lol.

Tatiana on : was YOU that put it up? Funny!!! They were guessing it was me or Trouble......Diann DID see it and almost fell off her bar stool and insisted that we take it down right away.
NO humor, whatsoever!
I suggested that we put up hundreds of tampons all over the club for her to arrive to when she returns from her vacation.
She will like that.....!

Savannah on :

Lmao! I can picture her now lol. Im surprised about her reaction though. She has seen and heard it all lol. I like the idea of hundreds of tampons. I will send some to donate. I wont be using any for awhile ;-) Shhhhh....thats our little secret for now though ;-)

Tatiana on :


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