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Panic Button

I dragged my unmotivated and lazy self to the gym yesterday, it had been a while. There was a new feature added at the gym, on one wall there are a few panic buttons hanging now that you can use if you feel it's needed. You know, these panic buttons are for when Justin Bieber or Bradley Cooper and other incredible hot men decide to visit Kenai and work out at the gym here. Girls and women turn into screaming banshees when we see hotness like that and can't contain ourselves. Justin would definitely need a panic button and from the looks of it, he has been living at the gym lately.....looking good Justin! Although I find Bradley much more SEKSI.
Since the gym is now open 24/7 and not staffed after a certain hour they added the panic buttons. And in case anyone missed the joke/sarcasm earlier......duh.....these panic buttons are there for women. Yep. You don't have to be a whorish porn star (see my previous entry if you don't understand what I mean by this statement) or stripper that's asking for it, to feel safer with a panic button at the gym. Cause let me tell you.....I don't see many strippers and porn stars working out at the gym here, we're not in Vegas after all. Nope, just normal women. Normal women that might possibly encounter some sort of an altercation at the gym, hence the panic buttons. For some strange reason I don't see a woman deciding to pounce on some sweaty guy lifting weights at the gym, rip his clothes of and rape him, no I can't picture that.....unless it's Bradley Cooper.
So to all the morons out there saying that women get what they deserve if they get abused by a husband or boyfriend because he was provoked in some kind of way, let me have a few minutes with you. I will feel provoked to slap you around Polish style with a piping hot frying pan and send you on your way, hopefully a little less moronic than you were to begin with.
So women that get raped by a complete stranger deserve it too, right? Whatever. It's time for me to get up and go get my latte now......Maybe gym again later?


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