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Ice Cream

After way too many errands in the afternoon, all I wanted was to come home to my book and some ice cream. I have a new fave flavor since a few months. I used to get a pomegranate ice cream at Whole Foods in Vegas that I absolutely loved, this one is not too bad either.
Thought I would work tonight, planned on it but when 7 pm came I felt tired, unmotivated and somewhat sad. I think I have a slight bout of PMS going on right now. I don't want to do anything and I miss Sweden and my friends SO much! And Chhaya is going bonkers as well. Last night she really scared me.....around 3 am or so she started whining and panting. First I thought she was sick, then I took her out twice and both times she stared off into the trees around the house with her heckles raised. I was convinced that some weirdo was lurking in the forest so I went outside with a flashlight but didn't see anything. Chhaya would not stop acting weird so I was scared and slept with my gun close to me. Then tonight when it got dark she got weird again. Well, I now suspect that it's probably her hormones. She will have her heat soon, that's what it is. Chhaya wants to run away and mate. Not happening.

So......back to the porn star drama surrounding Christy Mack and the severe beating that she most likely got from her ex or current boyfriend War Machine (innocent until proven guilty) that as I'm writing this is still on the run from the police, arrest warrant has been issued.
So, there are some inconsistencies to the story. Like why would she put up pics of them together looking in love on her Instagram when now in fact she claims he broke up with her back in May? Then other reports say she broke it off with him. He put on Twitter that he came over to surprise her with an engagement ring and there was another man in her house.
A surprise at 4 am? Well, it's Vegas after all, I would go grocery shopping at 4 am in Vegas, so why not surprise somebody with a proposal at that time? But then who proposes if you are broken up? And where is that other person (some reports say there was one guy in the house with Christy other reports say two) who got beat up also, some guy? How come he is not saying anything (yet)? Did they call the police as soon as the first person got hit by War Machine or did the police get notified after Christy supposedly ran and got help from a neighbor? But I am sure I did stuff in my prior relationships that made NO SENSE whatsoever to bystanders. Sometimes you say stuff and act crazy, in the moment. Looking back now, I know it didn't make any sense but it did then. HOWEVER, Christy got SEVERELY beaten.....
I can't even imagine getting that kind of treatment. Many broken bones, teeth missing, hair chopped off, ruptured liver from punches or kicks, bruises. He could had killed her. And what REALLY upsets me are the complete MORONS chiming in on this. Oh, that's what you get if you do porn, would had never happened if she was an accountant, the whore deserved it etc etc, nasty comments like that. Really now???!
If I am not mistaken the majority of women in the US that get beaten and murdered get beaten and murdered by either a current significant other, meaning husband or boyfriend or an ex husband or boyfriend. Many women and children live in fear of domestic abuse, physical and mental on a daily basis. Yes. How many of those women are porn stars that deserve that kind of treatment cause they are whores anyways? Not many I can say with certainty. Most of them are probably regular girls and women. Not that a woman in the sex industry deserves this, ABSOLUTELY NOT. That would be like somebody saying I deserve to get murdered or beaten cause I am a dancer. You can do porn, be a dancer (stripper), live in a trailer, be a homeless bum, shoot heroin and guess what......BE A GOOD and KIND HUMAN BEING! That is all that matters!!!! You can also be highly educated, live a certain lifestyle, have a "good" job and be a complete evil asshole. Christy did not deserve this at all. I wish somebody would start this discussion with me in real life, about that "whores" deserve this.
I would rip them a new asshole real quick. And what's a whore anyways? What about the men that pay for sex or watch porn? How are they better than the women that do porn or sell their bodies? I know exactly what I do for a living but let me tell you, I have more class, poise and intelligence than many of the people I encounter, the same people that talk bad about me behind my back when they don't even know me. Yeah, I think I know who you are. SAY IT TO MY FACE IF YOU DARE BITCH (and that goes for men and women). People with too many stereotypes that they blindly believe in are just too narrow minded for me. Before you talk about me and my scandalous ways, look at your own lousy and trashy behavior, doing stuff I would never do. WHY? Because I am too good and too everything that you aren't. I love myself actually.
Now that I've said all of that, I'm going to read my book some more. I hope Christy is going to recover soon.


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