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Lot On My Plate

I've had a stressful week. I have a lot on my plate right now. GAAAAAAH!!!!! Chhaya went to the vet as you know, she is on antibiotics and I'm doting on her and making sure she is OK.
I have an extremely annoying and crazy person in my life that I have been dealing with for years now but I think our "relationship" might be coming to an end soon. Thank goodness! Right now she is creating problems and being her psycho self and annoying and no, it's not some insane lesbian you might think I'm involved with, it's not THAT kind of relationship......
I also had a bunch of stuff lying around at home that I have slowly been digging into, paperwork and such. I like my stuff organized, put away and my house clean. That's how I am. I don't like messy. Then all the drama with the Wild Alaskan boat in Kodiak that's been happening. I still haven't said much about it here, besides when I was there I put up pics and stuff. Well, things have taken a rather interesting turn since I got back from that adventure but like I said I haven't said much......yet.
Tomorrow I am going to Kaladi. Then I have to send out some stuff, write a letter and hopefully get a break from the crazy person I've been dealing with. I am actually looking forward to working tomorrow night so I can have other things on my mind. Sometimes working is like a break from reality, when my reality is too much.
Having said all that, I got back from a long walk with Chhaya not too long ago. It's almost 11 pm here and dark, no more going jogging around midnight unless I run with a headlamp. Chhaya is good, I woke up with her laying back to back with me, very close. That made me happy. She is a snuggly cuddler. I am going to be up for a few more hours, I am a night owl.
I get creative and want to do things at night.
I do have something AMAZING to look forward to this month......BURNING MAN! I looked through my pics from last year and words can describe it, really. I will be talking to God again, telling God how thankful I am to be able to have this experience again........and just enjoy every minute on that playa to the fullest. Plus I am going to DANCE! OMG......DANCE,
I so miss dancing to good music!!!!!


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Mandy on :

I can't wait till you meet Jared so we can make babies.

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