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What a day! I am TIRED, mentally. First me and Chhaya had the vet appointment, I like my vet here, her name is Doctor Mary. Doctor Mary has a pitbull mix, a boy that is the same age as Chhaya, he too gets himself into trouble sometimes, she calls him her problem child and that is exactly what Chhaya is to me, she is my beloved problem child. That is what Albert Hofmann referred LSD as, did you know? Chhaya got a week's worth of antibiotics and a few days worth of pain and anti inflammatory meds, she is already doing better. Jumping around, being funny and full of energy on our walk earlier. She can do no wrong, I look at her and my heart melts.

Being at the vet is kind of sad. There was a poor dog with a broken back there. I heard other dogs barking anxiously. Then there is this hanging on a wall. I can't even read it without crying. I have asked God/The Higher Power several times to never separate me and Chhaya, I want to find Chhaya when I die and be with her, wherever it might be - forever. I feel the same way about my closest family and a few other people that I love. Now I am thinking about life and death again and the meaning of this struggle on Earth we call living life......
After the vet I had a bunch of other rather stressful things to deal with, therefore I am tired now. I am glad today is over. I'm going to go to sleep soon and I'm looking forward to getting some rest.


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Annette on :

Aw...... :-) that's better sweet Chhaya. I am so happy for you Tatiana.
I cannot not stand seeing animals stuffed and on display. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with polar bears and had a collection but not anything that had been alive. I cannot even go to the zoo anymore I get to sad. Recently I wanted to buy Jax an antler to chew on but I didn't know how they obtained them to sell.

Tatiana on :

Zoo's make me sad too.
Annette, I found this on
"For a long-lasting dog chew that will satisfy his primitive instincts, there’s nothing better than a BLUE Wilderness Elk Antler. Naturally shed from wild elk."

Good news, naturally shed!

Annette on :

Thank you :-) does Chhaya have one?

Tatiana on :

No but I think I might get one for her because she is very interested in the antler (naturally shed too) my friend Jim made a hair bone out of and gave to me.

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