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The Flats Bistro

I just got back home after meeting up with Genesis and Madison for lunch at the new place to eat in town.....The Flats Bistro. I am a foodie and I love to eat out but I like quality, not just any food that somebody scraped together on a plate and placed in front of me. So far I have not been impressed at all with the selection of places to dine at on the Kenai Peninsula. I like the pizza OK at Pizza Boys and at St. Elias Brewing Company but it's pizza, how hard can it be to get that wrong? Well, there are some places around here that I ordered pizza from and I will never make that mistake again. I also had good vegetarian sushi at Froso's, made with sweet potato but that was last year and I don't know if they make sushi there anymore. One of my hands down worst food experiences was at Harry's in Soldotna, I had regular breakfast and an apple pie and it was just AWFUL. I was surprised they had the nerve to serve garbage like that and charge people for it. It should be a crime to serve people shitty food at a restaurant. I used to go to Odie's Deli for sandwiches but I noticed the quality of my sandwiches dwindle the last couple of times I went there and the very last time I handed them back my sandwich and asked for the money back. I will not go back there again. I can make a better sandwich at home. I have tried basically every place in town for either lunch or dinner and most of them are not my cup of tea. I am used to dining in Las Vegas or New York City, don't take me for a snob but I think if you go out to eat you should get quality. Or you can go through the drive-thru at some burger place. If you never been away from the Kenai Peninsula you don't know what good dining at a great restaurant means. If good to you equals a slab of meat or some bacon and egg.....well, then we have way different taste and expectations.
So......The Flats Bistro for lunch. First of all, the place is very nice and clean inside. I liked it a lot. The view is spectacular, you can sit outside and on a nice sunny day or must be gorgeous, especially if you go close to sunset. It was raining today so we stayed inside.
The service was good, the waitress was very nice. I think a fireplace would be great in there to add some ambiance, like at Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage or like the one they have inside The Peppermill in Las Vegas. A fireplace in a nice restaurant in Alaska is a must I think for those dark and cold winter evenings.
Since I don't eat meat (that includes chicken and fish) I did not think that the lunch menu had much to offer. I had french fries, they were OK (like regular fries) and a salad which was eatable but overpriced for what it was. I asked to look at the dinner menu and it looked way more interesting. If you eat meat you will have better options at The Flats Bistro. I am definitely going to go back for dinner but I doubt I will go back for lunch anytime soon (maybe they change up the menu on a regular?). I also brought an eclair home with me, it was good.
Tatiana, the well traveled food critic has spoken.


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Genesis on :

Everything was a little pricey but I think most of the excess price is due to the atmosphere. I believe with a few more months of operation they will even out any leftover kinks and have their waitresses fully broken in. They have many great flavor combinations, but they need a bit more variety especially concerning their vegetarian and vegan options. Overall it's a great experience.

Tatiana on :

I do not mind paying for a good dining out experience.
Yes, more variety with emphasis on vegetarian and vegan dishes. If they had more of those options I would be a regular guest.

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