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Hair Bone

I was out and about all day yesterday......when I got home around 11 pm I ate ice cream and fell asleep, now it's 7 am and I'm up, although I think I will try to go back to sleep after writing this. What am I supposed to do this early in the morning? Chhaya is still sleeping and I have nowhere to be.
I started yesterday off with a latte at Kaladi and I also met up with my friend Jim. A while ago he made me a beautiful hair bone that keeps my hair up and in one place, it works great.
The hair bone is made form a shed caribou antler and the smaller dark piece that you can see in the piece is fossilized walrus. The heart (that he also made) is mastodon ivory and the earrings (also Jim's creation) are fossilized walrus ivory. The ivory is probably over 10 000 years old, pretty cool I think!

Today's plans? I might go to lunch with some friends later and I should do some cleaning. Should is the word.....that doesn't mean that it will actually happen. But I think it's time for more sleep now.......


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